Trending Chinese Anime to Watch in 2023

Chinese Anime is now seen as a new Emerging Destination for Anime lovers, it is packed with all-time Favourite Martial Arts and Action Genres and Mythological Stories along with Strong Female Leads at bay.

So get on this great Journey, filled with Adventures and Beautiful Chinese Waifus.

What is Chinese Anime Called?

Chinese Anime known as Donghua in Mandarin, is a counterpart with Japanese Animation. Donghou gained Significant Popularity in recent years because of Various Reasons.

Reason to Watch Chinese Anime :

  • Short Episodes
  • Regular Episode Release
  • Creative Storyline
  • New & Unique Art Style
  • Vibrate Characters
  • Strong Female Leads

Must Watch Chinese Anime :

1. Douluo Dalu (Soul Land)

Tang san and xiao wu
Tang San And Xiao Wu

“Soul Land,” also known as “Douluo Dalu,” weaves an enchanting tale of Tang San, a gifted martial artist.

After obtaining forbidden knowledge from his clan, fate hurls him into a Magical deep realm where spirit beasts and martial spirits are supreme.

Action, a Unique Storyline, and Strong Female leads, this Anime has all, And most importantly Our main character has Weak to Strong halo in this world.

2.Ten Emperors are my Disciples

chinese anime
Gu Xuanchen and his disciples

Gu Xuanchen didn’t able to cultivate after some point in his life but he passionately cultivated 10 disciples who reached the very end of the cultivation world and became the gods of generation with his teaching. On the other hand, Gu Xuanchen dies while passing through heavenly calamity and reincarnates into the body of trash son-in-law of third class family who wants him dead.

After taking control of his new body, Gu Xuanchen killed his enemies, evil spirits and cultivates as fast as he could do with the experience and knowledge of previous life and this time he decides to become the god himself.

If you love cliche Weak to strong main character where he’s the only supreme all around, then you should Definitely try this anime.

3. The Daily Life of Immortal King

Wang Ling & Sun Rong

Wang Ling a cool-headed, introverted high school student lives on Earth where magic and Spiritual Powers exist. Although He appears to be weak with very low spiritual powers, he possesses the power to overthrow the world into chaos. He and his friends often get into problems because of the shenanigans monsters do as they attack Earth.

World with supernatural Powers, an Overpowered, introverted main Character, a Superb Fighting Scenes. This anime has everything you expect from any Martial Arts Genre.

Enjoy this Anime where our Main Character is one punch man of his world.

4. Throne of Seal

Long Hao Chen & Sheng Cai’er

Long Hao Chen who trains hard to become spirit knight to fight against demons to keep his mother safe. In between he faces various challenges and also find some good friends who fights along with him on the battlefield.

The story is fantastic and never ending, especially with loads of waifus and particularly (Sheng Cai’er). she’s one of my favorite’s in the entire series. And if you like a perfect protagonist, who’s perfect at everything then you should try this.

5. The Tales of Demons & Gods

Ying Yueru (Nie Li’s teacher in former life)

Nie Li one of the strongest Demon Spiritist who lost his life during battle and somehow came back in time when he was in school and learning about world and demons of his world.

The anime takes place in magical world where martial artist and demon spiritist rules the world and people live under the rule of city lord.

Nie Lie cultivates fast with his knowledge of past life and become friends with one’s who fought along with him in past.

I highly recommend this anime, go check this out.

6. Battle Through the Heavens

Cai Lin/ Queen Medusa

Xiao Yan a talented genius who had shaken the world with his cultivation talent lost everything as he reached the age of 15 and became the trash of the family. But he falls in love with a girl and starts training again even though his family outrages him to the core.

It’s a little boring from episodes 1 to 5 but gets better as the story progresses and we find the reasons, eventually he gets better than before and surpass everyone again. We’ll get to see some pretty waifus here, I mean like a girl in the above photo but in 1080.

Again it’s Chinese and Chinese for some reason love cliche’s playboy Main characters and a perfectionist. So. if you like these kind of anime then surely try it out.

7. White Snake

white snake movie
Xiao Bai and Xiao Qing

Anime take place in ancient China where demon havocs in human villages and eats them to increase they life and magic.

Xiao Bai ( white snake) gets a mission to kill a high-profile minister, who is responsible for killing thousands of demons to gain immortality for the emperor. but for some reason, she loses her memories and wakes up in the human village, and fall in love with Xu Xuan (Human) who saves her and treats her injuries. Both decide to find Bai’s true identity and eventually fights demon hunters and Xiao’s demon sister.

Anime has good plot and story and animation, and if you like cozy anime with sweet melodic moments then you should Definitely try this.

8. Scissor Seven

Wu Liuqi & his Assassin Girlfriend

A story about two assassins who could kill anyone for some money. As they both busy living their life by killing others and sometimes not. Get the same mission and our Protagonist Wu Liuqi falls in love with enemy assassin and here starts their journey of being enemy to lovers.

If you love shorts Episodes and many seasons then you should Definitely try this.

10. The King’s Avatar

Ye Xiu (Pro Team)

This Anime became one of the most popular back in 2018, with a Thrilling Esports plot and the authentic life of an Esports player.

The Anime depicts the life of Veteran Professional Esports players and their achievements but circumstances lead them to leave the virtual life to end in some seconds.

If you love strategy, thrilling battles, and Esports lifestyle then this anime is for you.

11. Heaven’s Official Blessing

heaven's official blessing
Xie Lian

A love story between a lower class god and most powerful demon god, will world can ever accept their choices or will they….

A talented crown prince became god only to demote again as human two times in a row but no one knows why.

If you are fan of classic story and stunning graphics and yaoi then this anime is for You, check this out.

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12. White Cat Legend

Bing Li

Shen Shi becomes an Officer under Bing Li whose appearance looks similar to a cat. Shen Shi works hard to live carefully in this strong eats weak world as he searches for his brother.

This anime is filled with mystery and martial Arts, with a touch of historical mythology setup which provides depth to the characters and storyline.

If you love watching mysterious anime with a pinch of comedy in between, then it’s highly recommended from my side.

13. Link Click

Cheng Xiaoshi & Lu Guang

What If you could get into someone’s body and make choices on their behalf? Our next Anime also develops in a similar way but with a twist.

Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang two friends who share a secret of time traveling in the past or time on their client’s request, come to their shop ” Time Photo Studio” to solve their problems.

So, If you are interested in the time travel or suspense genre then you should add this anime to your list.

Honorable Mentions

  1. The Founder of Diabolism
  2. Swallowed Star
  3. Fairies Albums
  4. Scumbag System
  5. Martial Universe
  6. A Will Eternal
  7. Mad Demon lord

Where to Watch Chinese Anime?

You know what, Chinese Anime might not be available on your Favorite Websites and Apps, but don’t worry We have your back and We’ll provide you with Authentic Streaming platforms to Stream Any Donghou without any problem.

  • YouTube– Yeah, you heard it right, Many Chinese Anime are available on YouTube for free on Various Official Channels.
  • Bilibili– Bilibili is one of the most popular platforms ( China’s YouTube), You can find all types of anime here, both current and classical.

If you want to watch more quality Donghou then, Tencent Video, iQIYI, and Youku are the best choices available out there, high-Quality Anime, Subtitle for International Viewer along with Backstage information for anime enthusiasts.


As Donghou or Chinese Animation is getting Popular, A new market might soon arise from another Country along with great storylines and a bright Future.

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