The Reincarnation of the Strongest exorcist in another world episode 5 review

In the last episode, we saw Seika and Amyu complete the dungeon together. Later, Seika killed his Cordell Sensi, who was acting as a demon spy in the academy to kill Amyu, the new student who is the new hero of this generation. Let’s dive into the Reincarnation of the Strongest exorcist in another world Episode 5 review.

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Call from Principal

In honor of the new student entrance, we depict a figure watching Seika’s group from behind a shadow. Later, the vice-principal summons Seika and Yifa to the principal’s room, where they discover that their principal is a dwarf. Then, their principal informs them of the next town’s magic tournament, which they both must enter to gain some fame for their magic school along with a new student named Mabel Crane.

Fight between Hero Amyu and Mysterious new student Mabel

Amyu felt wrong when she learned about the competition and yifa’s participants since, despite receiving the highest score in her school’s exams, the principal decided not to offer her a chance and instead handed it to the new student. As she was venting about the competitors in the event, when the new student “Mabel,” was listening to their conversations.

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The Reincarnation of the Strongest exorcist in another world

Then Mabel referred to Amyu as an overrated spoiler who only seemed to regard everyone as a loser. After hearing that, Amyu challenges Mabel to a duel without the use of magic. Mabel effortlessly overcomes Amyu with the aid of dark magic (which only Seika and Yifa see) and destroys Amyu’s swordsmanship.

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Trip to the Capital

Seika, Yifa, Mabel, as well as Amyu, goes to the capital for the sword fighting tournament, but Amyu goes without permission from the principal as she wants to see the tournament and capital.

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The Reincarnation of the Strongest exorcist in another world

Later, Yifa and Amyu went to nearby places to see the capital whereas, Seika goes straight to the Tournament stadium and sees the contenders list where he finds that he has to fight Mabel if he reached the semi-final.
on the other hand, Mabel is nowhere to find after reaching the capital.

First Round of Mage vs. Swordsman

The first round of the Sword fighting tournament is between Seika Lamprogue, a mage, and Dennis Ragan from Mercenary band.

  • The Rules are simple, Contenders are allowed to use Magic for the time first in a magic swordsmanship fighting tournament.
  • If the contender’s given Amulet is destroyed by the other party, he/she will disqualify from the round.
  • The contender will lose, the moment he/she left the fighting arena.
  • The Contender will lose, the moment he/she loses the ability to fight.

One Shot disqualify

Dennis tries to insult Seika in the fighting arena but Seika gives him some talking, which angers Dennis and he uses his first move at full speed to directly kill Seika.

The Reincarnation of the Strongest exorcist in another world

But Seika Outsmart him and use only one shot to throw him out of the arena and wins his fight match easily.

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A mysterious Bearer of Evil Eye.

In the second round, Betem has also known as Sage ford and water mage Vs. Kyle is a guard from Rugrock Merchants Association. The Second round was a bit different as Sage ford was paralyzed the moment, the round started and Kyle kill him without any hesitation.

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The Reincarnation of the Strongest exorcist in another world

Later we see, his red eyes which paralyzed Betem during the Match and he won the match easily. And his red eyes are known as evil eyes.

Anime Summary

After the betrayal of his companions, Haruyoshi, the strongest diviner, was on the verge of dying. Hoping to be happy in the next life, he attempted the secret reincarnation technique and was sent to a different world! Born into a family of magicians, the magic he didn’t inherit paled in comparison to his previous abilities as an onmyouji. “Who needs magic? I’ll survive in this world with my old techniques!”


In this episode we get to see, a new student who can use dark magic as well as kyle, the bearer of Evil eyes. In the upcoming, we will see the mystery behind the new student and her dark magic as well as the bearer of evil eye and who is controlling him from shadow and how could it can lead to another human spy who is working with demons’ to kill Hero Amyu and her friends.

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