The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 2 Episode 5 Review and Explanation: Anos vs. Avos

In the previous episode, we see the real face of Avos Dilhevia and Spirit king and how all the demons are under the command of Fake Demon king of violet eyes “Avos Dilhevia” who wants to kill all the hybrid or half demons along with Anos Voldigoad and take control over the world and finding the Ultimate Magic Sword of Destruction.

Misa’s Secret and Plan

Anos goes to Avos castle in spirit form as it was surrounded by the will of dilhevia and no one can’t enter without her permission. After finding out Misa’s true face and her plan to take over his place as the demon of violent Destruction.

 The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 2 Episode 5
From The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 2 Episode 5

In the Upcoming episode of The misfit of demon king academy season 2 episode 5 review we will see, Misa llioroagu was her temporary form and Avos Dilhevia is her real form, as misa or Avos is half-spirit and half-demon, and we can guess easily about her parents. Spirits are the embodiment of the rumors and legends they are based on.

Avos plan’s to kill all the non-royals’ demons or hybrid royals and take their powers in their use. that’s why he announced to kill misfit sham demon Anos Voldiigoad on the magical broadcast to execute her plan and awake more powers.

Last test of Anos & Subordinates

To stop Avos and her plan Anos and his subordinates plan to go back to delsgade city to stop but, Enyunien stops them by covering the place with thick branches because Misa or Avos is the only child of a great spirit mother leno and Enyunien can’t let them hurt her..

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The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 2 Episode 5

And as Enyunien’s class rules, no one can’t use violence, but this time Anos resorts to violence, easily defeats the great tree, and reaches the start of the spirit world. Where they meet Nigitt one of Ano’s subordinates, 2000 years ago now came to take his life but unfortunately for him, Eges the King of the Netherworld comes to help Anos.

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Meeting with Lena

Later Anos and his subordinates meet with Lena who was with Eges then they all go to the city with the help of tithis, where Elio Ludowell one of Ano’s followers informs him about the delsgade city which is now enveloped by the will of Dilhevia And how Royal demons are killing hybrid demons on the order of fake demon Avos and no one can enter in the city without her permission.

Anos parents and Emilia Struggle

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From The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 2 Episode 5

In the city, royal demons are brutally killing hybrid demons and one of them is Emilia Ludwell who was once a teacher in the Demon king academy but due to her bad behavior and her attempt to kill anos’s mother Isabella, Anos turn her into a hybrid and, now is suffering from all the extortions of Royals.

But Anos’s parents save her from them, and at the same time, Anos also comes to help his parents and kills all the royals easily. Later they all went to anos house which is now enveloped in anos magic barrier and no one can enter the house except them.

Later we learned about the Magic sword of destruction and the underground city which anos developed after reincarnated again.

Later Anos leaves most of his subordinates at his house for his parent’s security and goes to the underground city of zeisha where he made a gateway to his main Demon castle. to fight with Avos Dilhevia who is finding the whereabouts of the magical sword to kill Anos which is nowhere to be found, and take his real place as Demoon king of Tyranny.

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In the next episode, we will see the story of Shin and Leno and how misa or Avos came into existence, and why no one knows Anything about leno and her dead mystery.

And the mystery of why Shin the right hand of Anos now wants to kill him and we will also see the face of Lena in the upcoming episodes.

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Q- Who are the parents of Misa llioroagu?

A- According to the anime till now, shin Regina and spirit leno are the parents of the misa.

Q- Will there be 3rd Season of the misfit of demon king academy?

A- Till now, there is no news for season 3, but as anime popularity. we can aspect the good news.

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