The Iceblade Sorcerer shall Rule the World Episode 7 Review and Explanation

The Iceblade Sorcerer

In episode 7 Of the Iceblade Sorcerer titled “The World’s Strongest young sorcerer Infiltrates the Academy“, Lily white(Ray) goes to Diom Academy to meet Arianne But met a lost girl. Later Lily White dueled with Arianne which he lost eventually, later evening lily meet Rebecca Senpai’s little sister, Lily, at last, Takes the final test of Amelia’s training. So, Without any further ado let’s Jump on the Iceblade Sorcerer Episode 7 Review.


Meeting With Arianna Olgren

As Ray dresses up as a girl named ‘lily white’, he goes to Diom Academy to meet Arianne and to complete his mission of finding Arianne’s Power but he met a lost child name Tiana Olgren(Arianne’s Sister), he takes her to Arianne. Arianne finds that lily is Guy from Arnold academy and he came to meet her.

Lily tells her that he’s Amelia’s friend as well as a trainer for now. Afterward, Arianne offers to have a duel with him which Arianne wins because Lily didn’t use his Strength.

The Iceblade Sorcerer episode 7
The Iceblade Sorcerer

Later, coming back to the Academy Lily meets Rebecca Senpai Little sister(Maria Bradley) and she promises Lily to take admission to The same Academy after Lily saves her as she was fall. Later evening, Ray finally gives a green tick to Amelia’s training and handwork of becoming strong and pass the test.

The Iceblade Sorcerer

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The next day, Ray takes everyone to meet his Master Lydia Ainsworth and Carla, Lydia gives an autograph to Elisa her number one fan and Asked Evi to be friends with Ray. Whereas Clarisse wants to be a hunter inspired by Lydia after She shows her Platinum rank hunter badge, on the other hand, Amelia who is From the Royal family has already met Lydia beforehand and Lydia tells her to believe more in her friends and it isn’t bad to ask for help in need. We also get to know about Grim Reaper from Carla and she tells Ray to insure everybody, an assassination group from Evil Empire or neighboring Country is active and will disturb the Upcoming tournament.

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Sorcery Swordsman Tournament

The Iceblade Sorcerer

The First round starts with Shine Girad from Mercross Academy of Sorcery against Amelia Rose from Arnold Academy of Sorcery Rose wins easily and goes to the final round. In the second round Arianne Olgren from Diom Academy of Sorcery against Albert Alium from Arnold Academy of Sorcery which Arianne won with powerful strength and Sorcery.

The Iceblade Sorcerer

we also see both Arianne and Amelia challenge to meet in the final round. As Ray goes back to the Stadium we get to see a shady dark figure in the Stadium watching over Ray.

The Iceblade Sorcerer shall Rule the World Synopsis

Everyone knows of the most powerful soldier, the Iceblade Magician, who led the country to victory three years ago, but few know his true name: Ray White. After weathering through a bloody war, Ray enrolls at Arnold Academy, ready to experience a normal life—a luxury he never had. To further this goal, he keeps his identity as the Iceblade Magician a secret, the scars of the past still haunting him to this very day. Despite being ostracized for being a commoner, Ray befriends the prideful yet kind Amelia Rose, the muscle-brained Evy Armstrong, and the shy and bookish Elisa. However, conspiracy is lurking in the academy walls, and Ray is tasked with hunting down a spy whose motives remain unclear. To protect his newfound friends and the people he holds dear, Ray will do whatever it takes, even if it means confronting his past.


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