The Girl I like Forgot her Glasses Reveils Teaser PV

My Favourite girl Forgot her Glasses

A new Rom-com”The girl I like Forgot her Glasses or Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta” is set to Premiere in July 2023. Anime is based on the Koume Fukichika’s Original Manga”I Forgot my Glasses“.

Anime Cast Consist of Kaede Komura Voiced by Masahiro Ito & Ai Mie Voiced by Shion Wakayama.

The girl I like Forgot her Glasses Staff includes in

  • General Manager: Susumu Kudo
  • Directed by: Katsumasa Yokomine
  • Screenplay by: Yanagi Tamatsukuri
  • Concept Art: Shingo Suzuki
  • Character Design: Takayuki Uchida
  • Chief Animation Director: Keiji Tani, Makoto Furuta, Takayuki Uchida
  • Main Animator: Hiroshi Okubo
  • Sound Production: glow vision
  • Sound Director: Hisashi Muramatsu
  • Music Production: Flying Dog
  • Music: Jimmy Sam P
  • Animation production: Go Hands

Anime will Broadcast on TOKYO MX, MBS, BS Asahi from July 2023!

Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta is based on a web manga released on the Koume Fukichika’s Twitter account since April 23, 2018.

The girl I like Forgot her Glasses

The series has been published digitally in English as The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses through Comikey since May 2, 2022, and by Square Enix through Manga UP! The volumes have been published by Square Enix Manga since December 20, 2022.

SukiNaKo ga Magane Wo Wasureta PV

The Girl I like Forgot her Glasses Synopsis:

A delightfully charming romantic comedy about a boy who only has eyes for the girl who always forgets her glasses!With the new school year comes a new homeroom, new classmates, and a new desk for the timid Komura. But any trepidation he might’ve felt quickly dissipates when he catches sight of Mie, his new seat neighbor. Apt to quietly blurt out the most random things, the quirky Mie wears thick glasses that accentuate her lovely eyes, making Komura’s heart skip a beat! Unfortunately, Mie is pathologically forgetful and can never seem to remember to bring her glasses to class. It’s not all bad, though! Her resulting squinty, mean-girl face sends Komura’s heart into overdrive too! While Komura is keen to help out and share his textbooks with Mie, will his heart give out from the almost daily strain of being up close and personal with his crush?!

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