The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Episode 2 begins with flashbacks of White Devil, once in his prime killed dozens of people now became a watchdog of Crimson Tower after losing his hand in a fight against Crimson. Later, we see Yukime and Juggernaut killing ghouls near Crimson Tower and start fighting themselves but Shadow jumps in between and says the same cliche dialogue I’m shadow, I lurks in shadow and hunt in shadow.

The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Episode 2 Review

Juggernaut heads into Crimson Tower after exchanging some words, While Yukime thanks Shadow for helping her people in red light area during ghoul havoc and takes her leave peacefully.

White devil cut in  half by shadow

Shadow heads toward Crimson Tower to (get some money) kill Blood Queen and kill White Devil as he tries to attack him. Beta along with 666 (Rose) and other girls were collecting data on Demon possession in the library.

Beta and 666 from shadow garden

When Claire and Mary enter through a secret passage. Beta introduces herself and clarifies her mission is to take a sample and she doesn’t want to fight with them. Claire ask beta about cure of demon Possession, Beta told her that she doesn’t need to worry about that.

Claire tells them about her brother being abduct by ghouls for Progenitor Vampire revival, hearing Cid’s name Rose speaks out but Beta stops her in between. Beta ask Mary if she wants to make haven again but Mary turns around without saying anything.

Claire and mary going in crimson tower

Claire and Mary decide not to interfere in each other life’s and secrets. Both meet Juggernaut on their way who’s mercilessly killing Crimson’s powerful underlings with ease. Juggernaut senses their presence and attack with a solid punch on Claire’s face and slash his giant cleaver on Mary’s body two parts.

Claire and mary kisses on lips

Claire tries her best to heal her but Mary sucks blood from Claire Lips, resulted in a Yuri moment and her power and body restored to her prime again and she attack with all her might but Juggernaut turns out to be stronger than expected. Juggernaut uses his lighting speed to attack Claire but shadow send him out of the Crimson Tower with a kick and disappears.

Vampire Elizabeth and mary her servent

Mary tells Claire about her secret that even though she’s vampire hunter, she is a vampire and was the maid of Progenitor Vampire (Elizabeth).

Vampire Elizabeth rampage

When human were killing Vampires, Elizabeth was the only High ranking vampire living with her followers in city and decided to live without drinking human blood to make a place where both vampire and human can live together and she named it ‘Haven’ but 1000 years ago on Red moon night she went on rampage and massacre all the humans of three kingdoms for 3 days and 3 nights.

Elizabeth Peirce her heart by blade

Coming back to her senses, She stab her heart so she would not do anything like this again. She’s high ranking vampire which stopped her body from turning into dust, Only her heart stopped working . Taking advantage of situation lord Crimson took Elizabeth body in his possession and sliced of Mary’s neck and left her alive to return back to her position as being maid of Elizabeth.

Mary and Claire talking

Claire also share her secret of turning into demon in future that’s why she drags her brother Cid everywhere so he can learn something which could help him in future and he could live his life without her. She decides to help mary to get Elizabeth body back and as well save his brother too.

On the other hand, Shadow enters in Crimson Treasury and stores all the gold coins in his slime suit and decides to kill Progenitor Vampire Elizabeth first as he bored from his last stage boss Entry, Whereas Lord Crimson puts Elizabeth heart into sacrificial human body but shadow shows up and blast away both Crimson and body.


Episode 2 focuses on Mary and her Master Elizabeth past and we also get to know about 1000 years old massacre of three nations. Crimson have set the stage for coming fight and scenario for the later episodes.

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