The Eminence in Shadow Episode 19 Review: Fight with Self-ego

Finally, the much-awaited episode 19 of eminence in shadow Titled ” dancing puppet ” came with a boom mystery and super action. The episode is full of the action of a mundane man and our Iris. Beatrix’s entry, and finally, the rose the game changer comes into the scene and we saw the entry of Shadow. Without further ado let’s dive into the latest episode 19 of the eminence in shadow.

From The eminence in Shadow Episode 19

Episode 19 starts with a flashback to the past scenes of Princess Iris, where we can hear her mentality of being the best, as she defeats every knight in the fight since childhood and eventually she is known as Genius which indirectly puts a lot of pressure on her to be the best in the kingdom.

The Eminence in shadow episode 19 Review: Self-realization of one’s worth

Episode 19 starts with the scenes of Claire’s fight where her brother chills in the VIP Section of the stadium asides with Princess Iris while drinking expensive coffee and eating cookies. Later, the goddess of war also came and sit next to princess iris as she is who invited her here to watch her match with the mundane.

The next round of Princess Iris and weak-looking mundane starts, Everyone seems to have a lot of expectations for Iris but she knows this weak-looking person is much more powerful than even one else in this stadium. As Iris prepares to attack him first, she gets the vivid illusion of mundane deadly attacks which eventually starts haunting her, and she uses all her power to attack him but Mundane easily deflects her attack and pins her down with a sword on her throat, and she came to know her ego of being the strongest swordsman and her worth in mundane eyes.

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Perv Asshat plans

On the other hand, Perv gave some drugs to Raphel Oriana before taking him to Stadium. as he is waiting for rose to execute his plan to kill Iris’s father to disturb the relations between Oriana and the Midgar kingdom and to place his puppet on the king’s place.

the eminence in shadow episode 19 review
From The eminence in Shadow Episode 19

On his way to the stadium before the round, Beatrix naturally said stinky to the king of the Oriana as Perv used a lot of perfume to cover up Drug’s smell, and asshat orders the guard to take away Beatrix but Princess Iris tells the identity of Beatrix, and his anger slows down.

Rose Oriana’s Entry

Later, rose comes to the stadium in front of her father to say sorry for all of her mistakes and the one she’s gonna make for which her father for the first time says” I forgive you “, and she stabs her father in front of all people and decides to end her own life too but, our main mob comes to help her and saying ” your fight isn’t over yet” and he changes from Mundane to Shadow.

and seeing his sword style Rose realized that shadow is the stylist bandit slayer of the past, and he is still fighting against evil. Later, we see the sword dance between Shadow and Beatrix.

Anime General Information

Anime Directed by:Kazuya Nakanishi
Anime Animated by:Nexus Studio
Anime based on:Novel of same name
Where to watchNetflix, bilibili, HIDIVE
Anime similar to:Overload
the eminence in shadow episode 19
From The eminence in Shadow Episode 19


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As the second last episode of The eminence in shadow, they surely made the hype in the anime community for the 20th Episode as they left the fight between Shadow and Beatrix on a cliff-hanger. Let’s wait for another Wednesday for the Massive fight between two OPs……

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