The Eminence in Shadow Episode 18 Review : Starting & Ending

The new episode 18 of The Eminence in the Shadow or Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! made its comeback again with Comedy, action, and Mob Characterization at their peak now. A relatable lead who’s happy and jealous of his friends and the way of leaving the mob character to surprise after is really what Every man lives with all waifus around them. Let’s Jump on, The Eminence in shadow Episode 18 Review.

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 18 Overview/Review

the eminence in shadow episode 18 review
From The Eminence in Shadow

The Episode starts with Claire and Cid’s lovely bonding where she wants to kill him but left him live for another day to watch her fights at the Busin Festival in the place of Rose Senpai who’s now Known as a “crazy killer”. Claire warns him not to forget the promises he made to her and gives him a ticket to learn some skills by watching her fight.

The following day Cid reaches the stadium and is surprised to find his seat in the high Nobles seating, even more, to say just next to Princess Iris. After learning Cid’s name Iris Apologies for Zenon’s case and offers him some tea and sweets.

On the other hand, Cid is Concerned about his standing among the Main characters and just wants to be a Mob. After some time Cid went to the toilet as his round of Mundane mann to fight with Annerose Nichteshen is coming. Later Perv Asshat comes and sits beside Princess Iris and they start talking about the best fighter in Busin, both of them feel Annerose from Velgalta is a strong warrior.

Annerose and Mundane
From The Eminence in Shadow

When the fights start, Annerose tries to finish the round in one go and attack Mundane but to be surprise Mundane finally shows his true color and finishes the round with overwhelming strength. and leaves everyone in shock.

An offer to Mundane mann and meeting with the First god of war Beatrix

After Fighting, Annerose offers Mundane to work for her country as a reputed knight but he declined by saying ” This world is too bright for me” and “I have wasted my life in pursuit of Power”.

annerose with mundane after fight
Beatrix  with cid
From The Eminence in Shadow

Later he meets Beatrix on his way to his home and gives her a Hamburger, where she again asks him if has he ever seen someone alike her, for which Cid again says no and goes back to his home.

On the other hand after seeing Mundane mann swordsmanship Perv Asshat tells one of his men to investigate Mundane mann background to finish any unwanted things in his Masterplan..

Princess Iris Commitment

princess rose
From The Eminence in Shadow

Princess Iris all the other hand is the main contender for the trophy of the god of war and after watching Mundane Mann’s strength and swordsmanship, she is eager to exchange swords with him and Re-establish the busin Sword style again.

Cid’s Masterplan

Mundane next opponent will be Princess Iris and by deafening her, he will become the champion of the busin festival but Cid has other plans like turning the festival up-down from shadow or just disappearing after winning against all opponents. Cid gets all excited just by thinking about his plans.

the eminence in shadow episode 18 review
The Eminence in Shadow


Mundane next opponent will be Princess Iris and by deafening her, he will become the champion of the busin festival. This was the episode where we can a lot of plans from shadows from a lot of people to show us a great event in the upcoming episodes. let’s see what will happen in upcoming episodes and how Cid, Rose, and Iris will face it. This episode was fun where you can see the mob character trying to blend into the main characters and live up to his name by giving serious, comedy, and action to fulfill his behind the shadow’s game.

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