The Eminence in Shadow Episode17 Review: A journey of Epic Moments

Finally, the wait is over and the long-awaited The Eminence in Shadow Episode 17 is here. And, yes it has again delivered us a full pack of comedy, action, and hilarious with a heavy full pledge cast of the series. Without further ado, let’s Jump on this Review.

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 17 Review

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 17 Overview/ Review
The Eminence in Shadow

The Series has already earned its place in the Action pack series after its release. And yeah the credit goes to its good animation and powerful Storyline with some action, comedy, Overpowered Mc and the most important persons the lead Mc and his beautiful and obedient subordinates who can kill anyone just with looks and can start a war in the community for the best waifu of the series.

The Anime is directed by Nakanishi Kazuya who is also famous for – Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, Trinity Seven, and many more. And the Animation is done by Nexus Studio which is delivering good results up til Now.

I have tried to free the Review Spoilers free, but there could be some spoilers in some elements, so read with caution.

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 17 Recap & Review – Rose the Runaway

The 17 Episodes of the Eminence in Shadow is here, and we are back with another review. The Episode starts with our Mob Mc Cid trying to figure out battle enemy power in his sleep but wakes up shortly after hearing the banging noise on his door.

His poor and betting addict friend came to his room with brand news of bounty on Rose for attacking her fiance and suggest him to catch her to get bounty money.Cid really surprised for a minute but soon gave her a admirable salute to her.

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 17 Overview/
The Eminence in Shadow

Later, while walking Cid hears the Moonlight Sonata tune on piano from a building where we get to see some insight memory of cid where he forced to play piano in his childhood. But eventually it turns into love for the piano and Moonlight Sonata. He entered the building to find out the person who was playing this music of earth other than him.

He saw epsilon who was playing piano and making her connections with royal as a pianist. After finding out about Rose’s hideout from her he left for the Underground Passage hideout.

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The Eminence in Shadow Episode 17 Overview/ Review
The Eminence in Shadow

On the other hand, Rose Oraina Who went into Royal Secret Passage after running away from Perv Knights meets our protagonist who was playing piano in the middle of ruins, fitting for a light in the darkness. Now, how shadow helps her is something you have to find yourself.

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Conclusion :

In this episode, Rose creates a new post for herself to walk and we saw how powerful she became and vigorously she feels for her family and Kingdom. Now With the backing of the most omnipotent person with her, we can expect some great adventure from now.


Q- The Eminence in Shadow anime Season 2?

A- Most Probably, as season 1 of the Eminence in Shadow is getting good Reviews. They will Definitely make other Season too.

Q- Who Animates The Eminence in Shadow?

A- The Nexus Studio animates The Eminence in Shadow as they have also Created Darwin’s game.

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