The Eminence in Shadow anime Episode 18 Preview and Release date and Where to watch

In the upcoming Eminence in shadow episode 18, we will see how Rose with the power of shadow, fights with her fiancé who is controlling her father and all the Royals of the Kingdom of the Oriana.

Shadow shows us the beauty of ‘Moonlight Sonata’ in episode 17, and the epic dialogue we all wanted to hear “Is your fight over just because you are Weak” and his powerful Violet Magic filled with a healing yet disastrous power.

epsilon from Shadow Garden
From The Eminence in Shadow Episode 17

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 17 Recap

In the 17 Episode we saw, Cid escapes from his sister to get the bounty money with his friend and both of them make a plan to find the whereabouts of Rose Senpai who runs away after attacking her fiancé, later he heard ‘Moonlight Sonata’, a song which epsilon had learned from him. After meeting princess Rose he said some admirable words to her to keep fighting against Evil. and at the end of the Episode he meets his sister Claire again but this time he forgets to run away as he was in deep thought. Don’t forget to see the 18 Episode to see lovely brother sister re-union.

The Eminence in Shadow anime Episode 18 Preview, Release date and Where to watch
From The Eminence in Shadow Episode 17

The little of this Episode is “BET ON THE MOMENT”

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 18 Predications

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 18 Preview

In this episode we will see the mystery behind the cult of Diablos and the Oriana kingdom, and how rose will face all the challenges with the power of Shadow to fight off her enemies along with Shadow garden.

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The Eminence in Shadow Episode 18 Plot

In the Upcoming Episode 18 we will see, Cid fights in Busin Festival and how he will win against all enemies in his mob character, and later fight with all the powerful sword masters like Iris Midgar and Beatrix at once and overpower them with ease. We will also see rose come back with more power to fight along with Shadow garden.

New Characters in Eminence in Shadow Episode 18

BeatrixAlpha’s Aunt
ClaireCid’s elder sister

Eminence in Shadow Episode List

This Series is expected to have 20 Episodes in First Season, and Hopefully we will get 2 Season too.

Where to Watch Eminence in Shadow

This Series is available on HIDIVE, Disney plus and Ani-one Asia, and Netflix.

The Eminence in Shadow Release date & Time

The new Episode will Release on Every Wednesday at 22:30 JST.

  • Indian Standard Time : 7PM
  • Central European Time : 2:30PM
  • Greenwich Mean Time : 1:30 PM
  • Eastern Standard Time : 8:30 AM
  • Central Standard Time : 7:30 AM
  • Australian Standard Day Time : 12AM
the eminence in shadow episode 18 preview
From The Eminence in Shadow

What is Eminence in Shadow ?

It’s a story of a young boy who dreams about controlling world from shadows and he trains day and night to achieve his dream but die in the process of training to gather mana or magic, later he reincarnates in a magical world with a name of Cid Kagenou, where he maintain his training and live a mob character life in the eyes of others and start his Fantasy Journey alone.

Later, he finds a elf girl who was possessed with some curse and he experiments on her but eventually cure her from his magic. then he makes up a story of Cult of Diablos which is working in the shadow of the world and he manipulates her a bit to form a secret organization with him called Shadow Garden and trains her with 6 other girls who were also infected with this curse.

But his story were actually true, and he believes its all fantasy. so this is story of chunni MC who doesn’t know that his fake story about Cult of Diablos in actually true and they are actually fighting for the world peace from the shadows.

Details of Anime

Anime Directed byAnimation StudioTotal Episodes Light Novel Written by
Nakanishi KazuyaNEXUS20Daisuke Aizawa


  1. Q- Who are the creaters of the Eminence in Shadow ?

    A- The anime is directed by Shin Oonuma and Written by Hideki Shirane.

  2. Q- Is The Eminence in Shadow based on light novel ?

    A- No, Anime is based on manga written by Daisuke Aizawa and Illustrated by Tozai.

  3. Q- Is Eminence in Shadow light novel finished ?

    A- Answer is no, the light novel has 4 volumes and is on hiatus since Feb 21, 2022.

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