The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You Episode 1 Recap & Review

What If you get rejected by 100 girls, but for some unknown reason have to date 100 girls at the same time in the real world, Isn’t it a fantasy of many men of culture to get isekai’d and have a harem full of beautiful girls. But, what if your fantasy comes true?

Bibury Animation Studios has come with another romantic anime of fall 2023, based on the original manga of Rikito Nakamura with the direction of Hikaru Sato.

Rentaro confession to classmate

Episode 1 begins with the failed love confession of Rentaro Aijo on his middle school graduation day. His Friend-A asks him his total count which turns out to be 100 rejection since 8 months old to middle school graduation. Friend-A advices him to give his best in highschool and rush away home.

Rentaro talks with shrine god

Rentaro on the other hand goes to shrine to pray to love god who comes out from offering box and assurance him about his highschool love life but with a twist of having 100 soulmates. Later day, Rentaro attends his new highschool with the assurance of getting a girlfriend soon.

Rentaro Bumps into two girls while navigating his new school and they both fall in love the moment they see Rentaro. He tries to helps girl up, but Hakari Hanazono says her leg hurts in a seducing tone and Inda Karane kinda copy the same line with a pinch of tsundere tone mix in.

Hakari and Karane hugs Rentaro

Rentaro being a sweet and good guy takes both of them on side, Both girls cling to him like cicadas to telephone pole while going to nurse room.

Later, Rentaro see Hakari and Karane looking for four leaf Clover as it’s sign of true love. Watching them working so hard Rentaro gets two cans of soft drink for them. Karane with her tsundere tone takes her share and run away. Whereas, Hakari being a flirtatious one tells him to drink half of the drink to have a indirect kiss but spill due to overexcitment.

Hakari confession to Rentaro

Rentaro gives her, handkerchief to clean the stain on her skirt but, Hakari takes his hand and confess right away to be his girlfriend and told him that she loves him very much. Karane returns back with a lot of drinks so she can thank Rentaro, but see Hakari taking the first run, she also confess to Rentaro.

Hakari and Karane confession to Rentaro

Having two girls on the side Rentaro decides to answer them tomorrow, Goes to Shrine of love god again to consult only to know his love life is tempted by god when he was watching castle in the sky movie. While everyone has one soulmate, he has 100 soulmates and each one of them will fall in love with him otherwise they’ll die.

Next day, covered in dirt from top to bottom Rentaro answers, he wants both of them to be his girlfriend while he admits it’ll be like a two timer for them but he seriously love them and will take good care of them.

The 100 Girlfriend Who Really, Really, Really Really Really Loves You episode 1 review

Rentaro give two four leaf Clovers to them after searching for whole night and Hakari accept his condition of being a two timer than being rejected. Karane also accepts his condition and say yes to being his girlfriend.


Episode 1 focuses on Rentaro and his past and also explains the reason behind his upcoming harem and why would they Fall in love with him. Episode 1 sets the theme with one tsundere and yandere. Rentaro even though he’s on his way of being two timer, he has a solid reasons behind.

Overall, Episode 1 is fun to watch and we get to see some gags in between too like tokyo ghoul reference and god coming out of offering box gives you giggles and metaphor.

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The 100 Girlfriend Who Really, Really, Really Really Really Loves You Episode 2 Release date?

The 100 Girlfriend Who Really, Really, Really Really Really Loves You Episode 2 Will Release on 15 October, 2023.

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