Telework Yotabanashi Manga Chapter 19 Recap & Review

Telework Yotabanashi Manga Chapter 19
Telework Yotabanashi chapter 19

Finally, the long awaited Telework Yotabanashi Manga Chapter 19 has Released by Yamada Kintetsu Sensei. A healthy Work-life manga without any over dramatic Scenes makes its a wholesome.

Telework Yotabanashi Manga Synopsis:

Nokoru Mitsuhashi, a Systems Engineer working for a black company, has improved his quality of life by introducing telework. As he arranges the interior design of his room and becomes more involved with his balcony, he meets his neighbor, Natsu Izumi, a graduate student. This is the story of how one man met his future wife through teleworking, and how they got married after many ups and downs.


Telework Yotabanashi 19 Titled “Breaking Boundaries” Starts with the Call from Natsu in the middle of night to Nokoru and he hurried ask her, are you fine and Natsu too give him full explanation of her phone and laptop damage from water and how they are behind the schedule for their digging and all, it’s a moment, god loving moment as Nokoru tell her that he’s coming to see her right away, leaving his work behind because he just want to see her.

Both Nokoru and Natsu are very Different Characters as Natsu is more like a extrovert, outgoing, and easy to talk whereas Nokoru is super introvert, overthinker,blunt and yeah has a crush on natsu from the first time he saw her. Both have their work life problems and ways to enjoy their lives still they end up together as their vibes matches.

Next Chapter will be the last Of the Telework Yotabanashi Manga but we get to enjoy a sweet adult worker rom-com without any further melodrama and over dramatic cliches and tsundere characters.

Nokoru a character who never had a girl-friend in his adult life get to know a girl like Natsu who’s someone, that Anybody could fall for (Including me).. find Solace in each other and finally woke up love for each other and decision to live their lives together just with the thought of seeing and hearing their life problems with patience and support, whenever they need. A simple yet proper adult life manga which really touches the soul of my heart..

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