Telework Yotabanashi Chapter 19: Spoilers, Release date and Where to Read?

Telework Yotabanashi

Mangaka Yamada kintetsu New Manga “Telework Yotabanashi” or “Wonderful Telework” is the new work of Yamada. Telework Yotabanashi Story revolves around Our Main Character ” Nokoru Mitsuhashi” who Works as a System Engineer and gets Telework or works from home during Covid-19 Pandemic.

For him, Home is just a place to sleep but as he starts working from home he realized how important the home environment is to work, and he start changing his sleep house to a makeshift Home to work.

Nokoru Mitsuhashi, a Systems Engineer working for a black company, has improved his quality of life by introducing telework. As he arranges the interior design of his room and becomes more involved with his balcony, he meets his neighbor, Natsu Izumi, a graduate student. This is the story of how one man met his future wife through teleworking, and how they got married after many ups and downs.

Telework Yotabanashi Chapter 18 Recap

Telework Yotabanashi Chapter 18 titled ” Waiting“, In this Episode, Nokoru Start feeling Upset as he could not contact Natsu even after a month ending of her Excavation Expedition overseas, and due to Covid- 19 Outbreak Japan imposes Lockdown on various flights and Travel.

Telework Yobatanashi – Nokoru calling Izumi

As time passes by Nokoru tries to contact Izumi College to find some information about her but, the college doesn’t give him any clue or information as he’s not her relative/family member. As an Introvert Nokoru tends to overthink things about Izumi that she’s busy with her expedition or she get into some accident or she might be having so much fun and she is not able to Contact him back.

He keeps thinking about Izumi, even though he is not her boyfriend or friend. but he has her massage stone, game controller, her gifts, and her Rescord (AKA DISCORD) account, he’s not connected to her in any way. he keeps telling himself that she’s fine, she’s busy on her expedition, and she’s having fun there.

At the end of day, Nokoru lays in his bed without any blink of sleep in his eyes, keep thinking about Izumi and her promise to buy a gift for him but Nokoru just want to see her and hear about her Expedition story and suddenly he get a call from Izumi Natsu.

Telework Yotabanashi chapter 19 Spoilers

In the Chapter 19, we might get to know the reason behind late arrival of Izumi.

We might get to see some advances in their relationship and how it will change the storyline and their lives.

One of the major spoiler of this manga is Our main character start his story with “how I met my wife“, So the title itself is self- explanatory , Through this manga we will see their journey, And the Up and down in their life which will will be seeing in the manga, we will see dates, day to day talk, and many more things in upcoming chapters.

But for now we don’t have much to say as the manga has already published a lot of chapters, but yeah we are working on the full review of the Telework Yotabanashi Manga where you will get all the major information of the manga.

Telework Yotabanashi Chapter 19 Release Date

As story reaches a very veritable situation and we all are eager to see next chapter as soon as possible to read, Mangaka Yamada kintetsu has other plans as we see that manga is ready to go on hiatus and will return after don’t know how may months later.

You can get the last Chapter on April 6, 2023 at 12:00 A.M (JST).

Telework Yotabanashi Chapter 19 Where to Read?

You can easily find it on the original Comicdays, as it has already published all the chapters from 1 to 18.

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