Surgeon Elise Manhwa: Announced Anime Adaptation

Surgeon Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp Manhwa is set to get a anime adaptation in coming Future. The Premiere is yet to be announced. The Voice Cast members hasn’t revealed now.

Surgeon Elise Staff consists of Kumiko Hahara(I am Standing on a Million lives) as director at the MAHO FILMS Studio with Hitomi Mieno(Noragami) works as Series Composition. And Character Design done by Yuko Watanabe.

Surgeon Elise Visual

Manhwa based on the Web novel of Yuin which published on Kakao from 2017 to 2021. Later, Mini turn it into a manhwa on the same platform.

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Surgeon Elise anime described as:

Surgeon Elise
By yuin mini, Surgeon Elise

Dr. Song, the youngest professor at the leading College of Medicine in Korea, was a royal brat of a princess in her previous life. But just as she’s about to meet an untimely death over the ocean, she wakes up as Princess Elise once again?! Enlightened with the medical knowledge of a master surgeon, is this her chance to mend her past relationships and heal an ailing empire, or is fate sealed to repeat itself?

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