Summoned to Another World Again trailer, New Cast and Release date

Summoned to another world again
Summoned to another world Again

Finally, the Official anime adaptation announcement of Kazuha Kishimoto’s (Isekai Shoukan wa nidome desu) light novel is confirmed along with End theme Song and Additional Cast of the Anime. The anime produced by Studio Elle.

The Anime Released with additional cast and A Ending song “Be ambitious” by the Idol Group ‘Maybe Me ‘.

S.S.NiRVERGE∀ performed the opening theme song “Continue Distortion”, for the series.

Summoned to Another World Trailer

Summoned to Another World Again Cast & Staff

Satomi Akesaka as Roa
Rina Honizumi as Mineko
Yui Ogura as Shironeko
Takuma Nagatsuka as Touma
Kaori Maeda as Eruka Verso
Satomi Amano as Yuuhi Hanabashira
Ai Farouz as Levitation
Saori Oonishi as Desastre Sereno
  • Sunichi Suzaki as Setsu Suzaki
  • Yurie Kozakai as Ruri
  • Miku Itou as Alize
  • Kenji Akabane as Brad
  • Hozumi Gouda as King of Destinea
  • Marie Hashimoto as Princess of Destinea

Motoki Nakanashi (Jantama Pong☆ assistant director) is helming the anime at Studio elle. Yukihito is handling the series composition and Mikako Kunii (Date A Live IV chief animation director) is designing the characters. manzo (Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) is composing the music.

Summoned to Another World Again Release date

summoned to another world again release date
Summoned to another world Trailer

The series recently surprised fans by announcing its debut on April 8, 2023 and will air on Saturday, April 9, 2023, at 2 am JST (12 pm ET) on ABC TV and 24 TV Asahi-affiliated broadcasting stations in Japan on the Animeism programming block. The series will also run on BS11 on April 10 at 12.30 am JST (10.30 pm ET). The international release of Summoned to Another World… Again?! is yet to be announced. However, it can be anticipated that Crunchyroll will license the series soon, before its premiere.

Kishimoto began writing the comedy fantasy light novel on the Shousetsuka ni Narou website from March 2015 to December 2016, followed by nine epilogue chapters between February 2017 and last October. Futabasha began printing the series under its Monster Bunko imprint with illustrations by 40-hara (Iya na Kao sare nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai) in October 2015 and released the fifth and final volume in July 2017.

Arashiyama began drawing a manga adaptation on the Monster Comics website under the Web Comic Action portal in June 2018. Futabasha shipped the eighth volume on August 12, with the ninth volume scheduled to release on March 30.

Novelist Kazuha Kishimoto announced a television anime adaptation of their Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome desu (Summoned to Another World… Again?!) light novel on Twitter on Wednesday.

Summoned to another world again

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Synopsis– There was once a man who was summoned to another world, and saved it. Of course, he became too popular there, and turned into an isekai-normie. However, that man fell into a “trap” and was forcibly returned to his original world. Moreover, he had to start over as a baby!This is the story of the way-too-fantastic ex-hero who lived as a gloomy high-schooler, as he gets summoned once again to that same other world in a very unexpected development! (Source: Cool Mic, edited)

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