Skip and Loafer Episode 1 Recap & Review

Skip and loafer Episode 1
Skip and Loafer Episode 1 Highlights

A New Comedy, Slice of Life, “Skip and Loafer Episode 1” anime has been Released, Titled – Sparkling Fresh. Anime adapted from Manga of the Same Name Written and Illustrated by Misaki Takamatsu. So, without any further ado lets Jump on the Skip and Loafer Episode 1 Review.

Episode 1 Starts with Our main Lead Mitsumi Iwakara(15) who came to Tokyo from Countryside to Attend a Prestigious high school. As she has lived in Countryside since birth, she has very limited interaction with children of her age and has been with the same eight Students and friends since Kindergarten.

confident Mitsumi and her plans

On her first day of school, her aunt (Nao-Chan) tries her best to give her proper guidance on Subway and train to get on. Mitsumi has planned her whole life while standing on the Train station of Getting graduate from law school, getting a job at the internal Ministry of Affairs, and later becoming the Mayor of her hometown to raise the standard of living and scatter her ashes in the sea of Japan.

But due to Mitsumi’s limited experience and knowledge of the Big Subway of Tokyo, she ends up getting to the wrong station with the self-doubt of underestimating Tokyo. Here we see our other lead Shima who’s late for the school entrance Ceremony too because he slept too much. Seeing Mitsumi who’s on the edge of a breakdown from Overthinking, he decides to help Mitsumi and Due to being in a limited social environment, Mitsumi ends with a scary face as she said How do I get to School. Shima helps her to get on the right train and tells her to chill as they are already late for the entrance Ceremony but Mitsumi ends up saying it’s not the same for her.

As Mitsumi tries her best to reach school as soon as possible, on the other hand Shima tries to slack as much as possible. “Doof” Mitsumi falls on her face on, on the road and shima hurried ask is she okay. Mutsumi says nothing and takes off her socks and shoes to run for the School. As shima sees her trying her best to Reach, he also Start running with Mitsumi. Later we get to know, Mitsumi passed the School Entrance test with Highest marks and has to give speech on the Entrance Ceremony.

Both Mitsumi and Shima reach School before Entrance Ceremony and Mitsumi went directly to the stage for her Speech but she forgets her paper in her backpack, students started to talk around, but Mitsumi starts her speech as she memorized all the lines. Due to Nervousness Mitsumi ends up reciting the whole speech without blinking and breathing which caused her to Vomiting on her homeroom Teacher Sakura Hanazono, And Mitsumi became Barf girl.

Later, In the Classroom, Mitsumi tries to befriend others but her tricks didn’t work as she already become famous as a barf girl. After some time, Shima a handsome hunk comes to the same classroom as Mitsumi and exchanges phone numbers with her. And another girl who sits behind Mitsumi also exchanges phone numbers with Mitsumi. Later their homeroom Teacher Sakura introduce herself and tells students to be prepared for tomorrow’s assignment and introduction.

Shima on the other hand goes to meet his Friends from middle school who went to another Highschool now and they surprised when he told him today incident of running to his school and leaving early as giving his money share to them because he doesn’t want to be late for his school tomorrow as he keep thinking about Mitsumi.

At night Mitsumi talks with her best friend Fumi from back in her hometown & tells her whole story along with taking care of her family and siblings. Later her aunt comes back home with a lot of delicious food to celebrate Mitsumi’s first day of school. Before Sleeping Mitsumi remembers her teacher’s words to be prepared for the assignment and introduction and she pulled the whole night preparing for tomorrow’s assignment and ends up scaring her aunt as she came out of her room with big dark circles.

Skip and Loafer Episode 1 Analysis

As the name says it is all a skip and loafer or Mitsumi a over achiever and Shima a slacker. when they came together we get to see the changes in every frame. From the Duck to Scary, calm, anxieties, Mitsumi never seems to stop her face to show what she is feeling whereas Shima seems to like Mitsumi’s way of life. So let’s see what is ahead of the story.

Do let us know if you want us to do any further Review of any of your favorite manga or anime, and we are also open to your ideas and corrections.

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