Shangri-La Frontier Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Rei talking with Reji and mia

Episode 3 beings with Rei get to know about Sunraku from Mia and Reji ( who helped him to get to the Secondia City respawn point) is poisoned after defeating Ravenous Snake and rush to Secondia City in blue torse and bird mask. Rei gift mia for their help and rush to the Secondia City to stalk Sunraku again, Reji recognizes Rei clan emblem that only made to kill a unique Monster ‘ Lcyagon the Nightslayer or Night Emperor’.

Seven colossi of Shangri-La Frontier game

Reji also explains to Mia about seven Unique Monster known as seven colossi and their are only one of each with a unique name and title, Yet no has the idea to spawn them. Even though this game has more than 30 million active gamers, no one has killed a single unique Monster since the release of the game. And a lot of clans are made just to defeat Unique Monsters.

Sunraku vs. Lcyagon the Nightslayer

On the other hand, Sunraku faces a unique Monster ‘Lcyagon the Nightslayer’ With just level 18 and realizes a single hit can kill him as this Monster has killed all the redcap goblins with ease. Sunraku counter attacks with his perfect parry but Nightslayer seems to have no problem. Sunraku dodges all his attacks and counter attack with perfect parry just to be disappointed. Sunraku changes his weapon to vorpal coppers and give numerous critical hits on Nightslayer.

Lcyagon the Nightslayer and Sunraku fight

Lcyagon starts disappearing using his skills and attack on Sunraku blindsides but he dodges all his attacks and counter attack with critical hit again and again. After landing around 100- 200 hits, Sunraku understands the gap between them.

Lcyagon the Nightslayer howls

Lcyagon then stops Sunraku moments with Howl, and cut down Sunraku legs with a very fast single attack. Sunraku surprised to see himself alive with 1 HP alive and decides to challenge Nightslayer again and tells him not to be defeated by anyone but him. Lcyagon the Nightslayer then eat him up and leave his curse on him.

Sunraku cursing Shangri-La after gets cursed from Lcyagon the Nightslayer monster

Sunraku respawn back to the Secondia City Inn only to find Lcyagon curse on him, now he can’t wear anything on curse places, He can’t fight Monsters whose level is lower than his, NPC will treat him differently, magic won’t effect his curse places, and curse can only be lift by saint or by killing curse caster. Sunraku feels Shangri-La Frontier as another trash game because of all the curses he has on now.

Sunraku levels up from fighting Nightslayer and reached level 28 and decides to allocate his points in stats but ends up with 6 points in Vitality and 66 in Luck, that’s how he has 1 HP left even after a boss attack and ends up becoming a glass canon.

Rabituza leader Vysache

Later, Sunraku meets a Vorpal bunny Emul who invites him to the world of Rabituza, which turns out to be a secret Quest to get Skill and artifact but the recommended level is 80, Whereas sunraku enters into the world of Rabituza with level 28. Emul takes him to her boss Vysache as he is the one who invited him in his world to talk about Lcyagon the Nightslayer.

Rei and Mana Iwamaki talking about Shangri-La Frontier game

Episode 3 ends up with the flashback of Rei buying SLF game to play with Sunraku.


The C2C has done the fabulous Work on the fighting scene in between without any loopholes. Storyline pacing without any problem till now, and we get to see the real game details like respawn, Indifferent stats allocation.

We also get to see new locations and information about game without any pinpoints from Sunraku’s points of view and finally we know how Rei is so good at gaming with S tier Skils and Armour.

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