Shangri-La Frontier Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Episode 2 starts with bold Knight In Armour Charcter standing tall in Firstia, it’s belongs to well known achievement-focused guild. This Knight is none other than Rei who was searching for Hizutome.

Shangri-La Frontier Episode 2 Review
Sunraku face off Python boss

Scene Cuts to Sunraku fight with a giant python boss at the edge of bridge. Sunraku attacks does no damage to snake and breaks his main weapon from smashing on his tough body, resulted in poisoning poop attack on his body that taking away his HP every Second. Getting his mind in center he does a critical attack on Python and eventually stab his eye to give a final Knock. Putting all the points in stamina and vitality he runs towards the Secondia City, where a girl mistakes him for an monster because of his getup but with the help of a boy he reaches the respawn point in town and died a moment later.

Sunraku new armour
New Cheap Armour

Later, after taking a break, Sunraku continue his journey and decided to buy some cheap clothes after becoming a laughing stock of whole town as he was admiring game. After putting up a cheap armour made up of green Frog monster he goes straight to Blacksmith for new weapons later decides to go diremarsh waste to get oreas on the Blacksmith suggest to commission brand new god-tier weapon. Diremarsh waste a place full of mud and green Frog monster which causes some action in between.

Sunraku new weapons
God-tier Weapon

After mining in the soil for three hours, Sunraku returns to the blacksmith’s shop to have his weapon (twin sharp blades) crafted. Sunraku is again affected by the game as an NPC was interacting like a living human. As he left the shop, the blacksmith warned him about the threat of the monster outside the town and told him to wait until morning.

Sunraku faces off Lycagan the Nightslayer
Grand Entry of Lycagan the Nightslayer

As Sunraku’s pennant is removed, he heads out of the city to hunt new monsters but cornered by powerful red-caped ghosts. As the battle reaches its climax, Lycagan the Nightslayer, a unique demon, enters and kills the surrounding ghosts. The scene changes to a high-tech monitor showing the game, where the countdown to the Nightslayer’s appearance on the screen begins and Episode 2 ends in suspense.


I have said this before but the opening theme song is really catchy especially the background music is lit. The fighting scene throughout the episodes are well animated. We might get to see go characters in next episode so yeah pacing of each episode is smooth without any hunch in between. Overall, it’s a best action packed anime of fall for me.

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