Shangri-La Frontier Episode 1 Recap & Review


A World where VR took the places of Screen games and a trashy game Reviewer got bored playing same Cliche game with same storylines get a new action packed game which might not be the same. Without any further ado, let’s Jump on the Shangri-La Frontier Episode 1 Review.

Sunraku fights off with Faerie

New Anime of Fall 2023, A VRMMO based Starts with Cool ending of a game Faerie Chronicle game, demon lord death but Sunraku, A man in Shots and Mask beat the shit of beautiful blonde hair elf girl ‘Faerie’ Because she’s trash Character you’ll find in every game which give you headache for nothing.

Sunraku plays VR games

Our Story take place of VR centralised World, Computer & PS are retro or old people games now. Here, a highschool student taken a challenge to finish every Trash game in the market like Faerie and he’s known as trash game hunter or freak game hunter.

We see Rakurou Hizutome, a highschool by day and trash game hunter by night goes to school after spending his night completing Faerie, meet his friends and we see Rai Saiga, a girl with one-sided Crush on him. She practices alone to start talking with Raku about his favourite games before taking any initiate but Rakurou goes with his friends.


Scene shift here to a game store, Rock Roll and Rakurou meets Mana Iwamaki (Owner) She ask about his experience on Faeria, We see the Excitement on Rakurou face as he explains all the moments and his hazardous scene with blonde elf and difficulty he faced all along with her.

Here, we see Rakurou’s love for games and Reviews all the trashy game for others when gaming sector is booming with loads of games specially MMO which are little close to gamers heart.

Sunraku Setting up his game

later she suggest him to play latest VRMMO called Shangri-La Frontier to get a new experience of best game better than he had played it now and he bet on it. Later we see Mana gives a big thumps up to Rai who was listening all this.

Sunraku character

Sunraku get all set to play this new game and set his character with bird mask and blue shorts Only to control his body more swiftly. Sunraku starts his journey somewhere in Forest and we see epic scenes and great Visuals of episode. Fluids movement and great fighting scene of Sunraku and goblin really shows the great work of animations.

Sunraku fight with rabbit

Sunraku faces challenge after challenge from goblins to Rare rabbits, using all tactics to increase his level as he goes through dense forest, at last he comes across a giant python on his way to Village.

Shangri-La Frontier Episode 1 review

As we reach the end of the Episode, We see a mysterious person in armour at the Entrance of a Village indicating more Characters and story to continue from now.


Anime starts with the Game enthusiastic who for some reasons choose his characters with shorts and mask only and he got a girl too lol, thats shows us it’s anime not a real live. Anime comes with mind blowing visuals and Nice OP along with a over positive Protagonist.

Arts of the anime is good along with good action scenes, like fight between Sunraku and rabbit and I love how smoothly scenes shift without degrading the Arts.

I personally like this anime where you got the protagonist and other side characters are enjoying games to their fullest without any extra cliche to the story. Let’s hope this Journey to become more interesting.

Next Episode

Where to Watch Shangri-La Frontier?

Shangri-La Frontier Episode 1 is available on Crunchyroll.

Shangri-La Frontier Episode 2 Release date?

Shangri-La Frontier Episode 2 Will Release on 8 October, 2023.

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