Rent a Girlfriend Season 3 reveals main cast and Picture for anime adaptation

Rent a girlfriend Season 3

Studio Comet and TMS Entertainment once again Collaborated and announced a Official adaptation of Kanojo Okarishimasu 3 or Rent a girlfriend season 3 in Coming July as the official Twitter account posted the following Picture.

Rent a girlfriend Season 3

Rent a girlfriend Season 3 Cast

The main lead voice still has to be revealed yet but we got all our Waifus name.

Rent a girlfriend Season 3
Rent a girlfriend season 3
Ichinose, Chizuru Voiced byAmamiya, Sora
Nanami, Mami Voiced byYuuki, Aoi
Sakurasawa, Sumi Voiced byTakahashi, Rie
Sarashina, Ruka Voiced byTouyama, Nao

Amamiya Sora gave her voice for Akame in Akame ga kill!, Whereas Yuuki Aoi for Kayo, Hinazuki in Erased and Takahashi Rie for Ai Hoshino in “Oshi no koi” and Touyama Nao for Nagisa Shiota in Assassination Classroom.

Rent a girlfriend Season 3 Staff

A new Director has come to hold the new Season Shinya Une(Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 Assistant Director), Hirayama kanna(Selection Project) has back again in team as a Character Designer and Hiroya mitsutaka(Animegataris) is back to hold the Series composition again, Takakuma Hajime(Aki-Sora) is the Art director and Color Design is Provided by Ishiguro Fumiko(Kanojo Okarishimasu Season 1), Whereas Animation is done by TMS Entertainment and production done by Studio Comet of the Original work of Reiji Miyajima.

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Release date of Season 3

The Upcoming Season 3 Will premiere in July, 2023, the Exact date has not announced yet but the anime will release in early July. The Season 3 will continue from Chapter 104 ‘The girlfriend and Splitting the bill’ in the manga.

Rent a girlfriend Season 3

As Season 1 and Season 2 had premiere in July 2020 and 2022 with 12 Episodes in each Season.

So if we see the timing and Episodes it’s good to say that season 3 will also come with 12 Episodes too.

Rent a girlfriend Manga

The Anime series adapted from Reiji Miyajima’s manga Kanojo Okarishimasu which has been serialized in Kodansha Weekly Shounen Magazine Since July 2017 and has published the 30th Volume on February 17.

Rent a girlfriend Season 3
Rent a girlfriend

Kodansha USA licensed the Manga in English in July 19. The 16th Volume was released in December 2022 and 17th volume is set to Premiere in Feb 28, 2023.

Rent a girlfriend manga has live action series too that premiere in July 2022.

Rent a girlfriend synopsis

Rent a girlfriend

Kinoshita Kazuya is a 20-year-old failure of a college student. He managed to kiss his girlfriend once, but was dumped after a month. “Ugh… Damn it. I never want to go through that again.”Completely spiteful, Kazuya uses a certain method to date a girl. He goes to their meeting place and suddenly hears, “You’re Kazuya-kun, right?” A beautiful girl brushing her long, black hair behind her ear was there, smiling at him. Her name was Mizuhara Chizuru. Something real is born after just a single rental! A reckless rom-com filled with love and excitement is about to begin!

SOURCE: Crunchyroll

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