Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Insecure Ryuuto

KimiZero Episode 2 begins with Ryuuto’s insecurities about dating the most popular girl in the school as a nerd, gets a text message from Runa ‘I overslept’, Ryuuto texts her back the best possible way to reach school. She reaches school somehow on time.

Ryuuto and his friends

Later during lunch break, Ryuuto tells his friends about his rejection of Runa’s idea of having sex as he was not ready mentally and emotionally. His friends tell him she’s a girl with a lot of choices in hand and she’s just playing with him and he should not set any unrealistic hope of being with her long, which again makes him insecure about himself and his relationship with Runa.

Runa and Ryuuto

Runa starts talking to Ryuuto in class and giving him all her attention which backfires on him as all the boys start mocking him, especially Runa’s best friend Nicole (another gyaru of the class) gives him deadly cold stares.

Ryuuto and runa video call

Eventually, Ryuuto tells Runa to stop talking with him in school to get his peace again and Runa agrees to his condition too, Ryuuto tells her to talk after school or on weekdays which eventually turns into a date. Later at night, Ryuuto searches for ideas for his first date but as a loner, he never has his chance, suddenly gets a video call from Runa to ask him about the date and what we will do. Ryuuto isn’t sure what do to and tells her to do whatever she wants he’ll join her. Runa is surprised with his gesture as all her previous boyfriends never asked her choice.

Ryuuto and runa on date

On Saturday Runa does the shopping, a lot of shopping and attracting people’s admiration whereas Ryuuto just stands there with his insecurities thinking about how beautiful she is. At break Runa asks if is he having fun because he does not seem like that, Ryuuto ensures that he’s having fun just by being with her and seeing her having fun and enjoying her own time.

Ryuuto gaming to distract himself

On Sunday, Runa texts him good morning and Ryuuto replies one hour later and doesn’t get any message after waiting for a few hours from someone who replies within a second, Again his insecurities come out of his heart and he starts thinking his time is over. He starts watching a live stream of his favorite gamer to distract himself. Next day, Ryuuto meets with his friends and sees Runa talking with guys from soccer clubs. His friends console him saying it’s okay at least he had his time with her.

Ryuuto thanks to runa

Later in the day, Ryuuto reaches home and gets a text from Runa to meet near the station’s garden. He thinks she might want to break up with me now and all his insecurities run down again and he decides to answer her properly to move on. But Runa shows him the new phone case she bought after waiting for the whole day and how her phone died while playing the game and she didn’t get to text him back, then Runa gives the matching Phone case to Ryuuto as their one-week anniversary. Ryuuto feels his insecurities are just for nothing and he thanked her wholeheartedly.

Ryuuto crush in middle school

As they walk home, Ryuuto tells her about his confession to a girl in middle school which turns out to be not very good and Runa smiles and says isn’t it good otherwise you never had confessed to me, both laugh while talking about their past. Runa then tells him about how her parents started dating in middle school and got married after high school and she also wanted a similar experience in her life.

Ryuuto otaku mode

As a blue sports car passes, Ryuuto starts blabbing like an otaku for minutes, realizing his blabbing he apologizes but she does not mind as she saw him talking so much for the first time, Runa then tells how her parents got divorced after some time and how she had so much experience in the race of becoming an adult but ends up being a sports car reached that destination faster.

Ryuuto then Tells her Sports car isn’t just for getting to the destination faster but also for enjoying the drive and he likes Sports cars more than simple cars & tells her to live her life just like she’s living. Later both race to their home. Episode 2 ends with the Entry of a new Student Maria Kurose, who once was a crush of Ryuuto.


Ryuuto is a loner nerdy living with his insecurities about being a time pass boyfriend and doesn’t want to talk with her in school as his classmates mock him for dating a top beauty and she’ll Definity playing with him Whereas Runa expected him to be the same as her past boyfriends but as the story forwards both Ryuuto and Runa mindset changes and their conversates helps them to understand each other.

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Episode 2 focuses on Ryuuto and Runa’s Relationship development and how they both conversate with each other on things they are not comfortable with and mainly enjoy each other company.

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