Otaku elf anime releases 2nd Promo, cast and theme songs

Otaku Elf Second Visual

Akihiko Higuchi’s manga is set to Premiere a anime adaptation in April, and released 2nd promotional video along with Cast, Staff and theme songs on February 24. Anime is set to Broadcast from April 2023 on MBS・TBS・BS-TBS & more. See the Promotional video below:

2nd Promotional video

The Opening theme Song “Kien Romance” perform by Akari Nanawo And Ending theme Song “Odoru Hikari” perform by J-Band called CodyLee.

Otaku Elf Cast

Kojimai Kojiro: Hitomi Sekane
Koma Sakuraba: Haruka Aikawa
Otaku Elf anime
Elda: Ami Koshimizu
Koito Koganei: Yuka Ozaki

Otaku Elf Staff

  • Director: Takefumi Anzai
  • Series Composition: Shougo Yasukawa
  • Chief Animation Director: Takafumi Nakao, SAI, Takeshi Oda
  • Photography Director: Jun Kubota
  • Sound Director: Akiko Fujita
  • Color Design: Shigeru Saisou
  • Background Art: Chikako Shibata, Yumiko Kondou
  • Music: Akito Matsuda
  • Animation Studio: C2C
  • Producers: INSPION Edge, Heart Company, Kodansha.

Otaku Elf adapts from the Akihiko Higuchi’s Slice of Life manga which began Serializing in June 2019 in Shounen Magazine Edge. Kodansha has released the 5th Volume in 2022 and schedule to release volume 6th in Coming June. Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the manga in English in August 2020 and will publish the fourth volume on June 28.

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Otaku Elf Anime Release date

Anime will Release on April 8, 2023 at 2:25 AM on MBS, TBS, BS-TBS, AT-X In Japan.

For International Fans, the licensers are yet to be announced.

Otaku Elf Anime Plot

Koito Koganei works as the teenage shrine maiden at the Takamimi Shrine, catering to the whims of its resident: a centuries-old elf who loves video games as much as she hates going outside! Line up your offerings for the otaku elf—some energy drinks, chips, and video games will do nicely—and watch her new friends scramble to keep up!

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