My Unique Skill Makes me OP even At Level 1 Released Anime Teaser and Visual

My unique skill makes me OP even At Level 1
My unique skill makes me OP Visual

A new isekai anime My Unique Skill Makes me OP Even at level 1 is set to Premiere in Coming July. And has released Visual and Teaser PV along with Cast & Staff.

My Unique Skill Makes me OP Trailer

My Unique skill Makes Me OP Even At Level 1 Cast

  • Rin Kusumi as Emily Brown
  • Kaito Ishikawa as Ryota Sato

Eve & Erza Voice actors are yet to be announced.

Anime is directed by Yuuji Yanase at MAHO FILMS with Yuka Yamada as Series Composition. Character Design done by Kaho Deguchi, Yuuko Ooba, Eri Kojima, Miyako Nishida and Music provided by Endou. And Sound Direction Done by Masaki Tsuchiya.

Anime is based on the Nazuna Miki and Illustrator Subachi Original Light Novel which began Serializing in Kodansha K Ranobe Books in August 31, 2017. Kodansha licensed the Light Novel & manga in English and described it as:

My unique skill makes me OP Light Novel Visual

Ryota Sato, who worked at a black company, was transferred to another world!On top of that, he had the misfortune to remain at level 1 no matter how hard he tried.However, while his level did not rise, he had a unique skill that dropped items that should not have existed in that world when he defeated monsters.What’s more, he was able to drop ability-up items that were supposed to be unobtainable -!

Before you know it, you’re level 1, but your stats are at MAX! Furthermore, even though it’s level 1, it’s the strongest with Ryota’s unique equipment!

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Light Novel has also adapted into Manga by Nazuna Miki and will premiere 10th Volume on October 7, 2023.

My Unique Skill Makes me OP Manga Visual

Source: Official Anime Website.

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