Legend of Xianwu Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Are you ready for another Season of Super hit Anime of the season once again and want to know more about it. Don’t worry we have come with detailed review of ” legend of Xianwu Season 2 Episode 1 Review” for you. So, without any further ado let’s Jump into the World of Donghua.

Legend of xianwu season 2 episode 1
Ye Chen talking to Jiang Taixu

Episode 1 of Season 2 starts on the same dot it ended in Season 1, Where Ye Chen and his friends participates in Sect Competition and fights with a member of Bloodthirst hall, eventually won with the help of Elder Jiang Taixu.

Ye chen immortal Wheel Eyes
Immortal Wheel Eyes

Elder Taixu ( Elder of Hengyue sect, alive for 5000 Years with a demon sealed inside his body) later request Ye Chen to kill him along with demon sealed in his body in return he gave Six Immortal Wheel Eyes of the Immortal Race to Ye Chen.

Ye chen and chu Xuan'er close moments
Ye Chen and Chu Xuan’er (his master)

Later, Ye Chen test his Immortal Eyes on his Master ( Chu Xuan’er) and see her powers and body through her clothes.

Chu Xuan’er takes him to his New House she gave him as he becomes her first disciple. Where Ye Chen ask his master about his participation in three sect competition between ZhengYang Sect, Qingyun Sect and their Hengyue Sect.

Ye Chen and Chu Xuan'er
Chu Xuan’er give challenge to Ye Chen

Xuan’er then challenge Ye Chen to defeat her Mystic Puppet to take Part in this Competition. As Only 9 True disciples of Sect can Participate in this Competition and he/she has to defeat all these Disciples to secure his place in competition.

Ye chen and mystic puppet
Ye Chen defeats Puppet

Ye Chen defeats puppet with the help of his New Mystical Eyes as he’s eager to humiliate his former Sect members and Elders of Zhengyang Sect.

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Legend of Xianwu Season 2 came with some problems too as it’s made with CGI 3D which tends to leave a sour taste in mouth with comparison of 2D Animation, which sometimes brushed the character movement and interactions. Due to Protagonist always win “cliche” in Chinese Anime outshine enemies and kept storyline slow in the First Season.

But Season 2 starts with new characters along with the Storyline and also provide background information of the Characters along with great Music and Fighting Scenes.

It’s a big yes from my side, if you ask me as it’s provide new style animation and alot of Waifus, and (my favourite Chu Xuan’er). So, yeah go for it…

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