Kubo won’t let me be Invisible episode 4 Review

Kubo won’t let me be Invisible episode 4 starts with brotherly- duo action and ends with a funny factor, a matcha latte ship with a meat bun. And the most important Valentine’s gift to Our Main Character but to be surprised from whom & lets learn how to make sweets together with our lovely characters.

Let’s see the Kubo won’t let me be Invisible Episode 4 Review below____________

<<<<<SPOILER ALERT>>>>>>>

Shiraishi Cool side

Seita once again made his entry in the series and show as his cute and pretty smile.
The fourth-episode of Kubo won’t let me be Invisible starts with, Shiraishi’s surprise to see seita who is practicing his favorite pose for the last 3 hours while watching tv, later his mother tells him to take seita to the park where the junta remembers his young days and decides to teach him the correct and neat pose to seita.

Pose of seita and Shiraishi together
From Kubo won’t let me be Invisible Episode 4

After seita watches his brother doing his favorite pose, he tells him to do it again with him, meanwhile, Kubo comes to and sees this brother-duo in the park and makes a video of Shiraishi’s cool pose.
But after seeing her Shiraishi shyly stops his action.

Shiraishi and his Self Consciousness

The following day Shiraishi came to school, but by mistake, he wore a different sock size (length), And throughout the day Shiraishi feels that kubo is a bit different from her usual self, later on, when the teacher asked Kubo to put up some paper on notice board, Kubo ask Shiraishi to help her in put up the paper on notice board, as both of them are of the same height, Shiraishi pulled out a chair because he doesn’t want to her to see his mismatched socks.

Kubo wearing leggings
From Kubo Won’t let me be Invisible Episode 4

That’s when Shiraishi learns that Kubo knows about his socks from the beginning and he doesn’t have to be on guard as no one can see him.
As Kubo stood up on the chair to stick the paper on the notice board, Shiraishi sees that Kubo is wearing leggings today, and that’s why he felt that Kubo was different from her usual self.

Seeing kubo in leggings Shiraishi unconsciously blurted out, oh that’s why she looks a little different today. After hearing this kubo starts teasing him that he’s staring at her legs the whole day.

After School Date

After Kubo put up the paper, she asked Shiraishi about the coffee machine that is available in the convenience store as she had never tried anything like this before, shiraishi being an experienced person, agreed to go with her, so she could buy coffee from the machine.
After reaching the convenience store kubo asked Shiraishi’s preference as she was being skeptical about what to purchase.

Kubo and Shiraishi date after school
From Kubo won’t let me Invisible Episode 4

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Shiraishi advised her in purchasing a medium latte for her, and a meat bun for himself, while walking towards their home kubo asked if he wants a sip of her latte, but Shiraishi didn’t take the sip as he feels that this should only be done by A Couple, as Shiraishi refused, Kubo takes a bite from Shiraishi meat bun and left for her home.
After staring at the bun for a while, Shiraishi finally decides to take a bite, but unfortunately, two girls crash into Shiraishi as they were unable to see him, and the meat bun falls down on the road.A

A Secret Admirer Gift on Valentine’s Day

On valentine’s day where all the boys are patiently waiting for chocolates and gifts from girls. But for Shiraishi, it is an ordinary day because he never got any chocolates from any girl even in elementary school teachers gave chocolates to all the students except Shiraishi.
But this time by surprise he got sweets on his desk. It surprises Shiraishi and he thinks that someone mistakenly placed it in his place or it’s an obligation gift.

kubo gives the cookie is made o Shiraishi
From Kubo won’t let me be Invisible Episode 4

But we know all the insider secrets that this chocolate is made by Kubo. Kubo usually takes and packs chocolates from stores, but this time she had especially prepares homemade chocolates for him(crush). Seeing shiraishi confused she even gave him a hint and told him to eat chocolate as its made from hard work then left the class.

Home-Made Sweets for Loved ones

A day before valentine’s day Kubo buys a lot of ingredients to make cookies. Akina her elder sister quickly realizes that a girl who can’t give make pancakes is doing this much hard work and is for someone special.

Kubo and her Sister Akina
From Kubo won’t let me be Invisible Episode 4

but as predicted, she failed even after following all the guidelines. then Akina comes to the rescue and helps her make sweets. The sweet moments between Siblings without any extra drama keep the show more realistic and relatable to the masses.

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My Opinion

Our main leads are now at a place where they can show their full potential in the show. whether it’s Kubo making sweets for Shiraishi or taking a bite from a Shiraishi bun. Shiraishi can now stare at Kubo’s leggings. This development in their nature gives us the progress of the series and its also keeps the audience glued to it.

seita is transforming
from Kubo Won’t let me be Invisible Episode 4

Let’s wait for more lovely moments of Kubo & Shiraishi and yeah the most important highlight of the show seita. Let’s transform together.

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