Kubo won’t Let me be Invisible Episode 3 Review

Kubo won’t let me be Invisible episode 3 review, starts with a cute romantic moments and ends with a Christmas gift Exchange with a sweet teenager misunderstanding between our Mob Main Character Shiraishi and Annoying Cute Heroine Kubo.

Junta and Nagisa
From Kubo won’t let me be Invisible

Shiraishi has a Cute little Brother!

The Third Episode starts with a sweet talk between Junta and Kubo on the stairs before the class. Shiraishi used this (Probably not) a Coincide to return the Kubo Tracksuit that he borrowed from her house in 2nd Episode. Whereas, Kubo on the other hand used this chance to flirt with the Shiraishi by comparing their heights and patting the Junta’s head.

Junta's little brother
From Kubo won’t let me be Invisible
Shiraishi family from Kubo won't let me Invisible episode 3
From Kubo won’t let me be Invisible
Shiraishi family with his future Wifey.
From Kubo won’t let me be Invisible

After finishing his class, Shiraishi hurried left for home as he already had a plan. Kubo wonders, what could be the plan but she soon finds out after finding Junta in the park with His little cute toddler brother Seita. Junta even gets into trouble because people could not see him and thought Seita is playing alone which was a bit tiring for him. She meets Junta and his lil brother and even shares her cold drink with Seita and occasionally flirts with Junta.

Manga Purchase becomes a Problem

After Coming home Junta goes straight to his room to read a manga called Monarchy while laying on the bed, as his tests are over and he doesn’t have anything else to do. finally, he decides to go to a bookstore which was a little far from his house as his favorite Manga has Released a new volume along with the Poster.

He intentionally came to this bookstore because the new release of his favorite manga monarchy is published in Seinen (adult magazine), with women in swimsuits on the cover page. After hesitating for a while, Junta picks up the magazine and intensively stares at the cover page as he is in a dilemma about whether he should take a peek inside or not.

Nagisa Akina and Shiraishi Junta
From Kubo won’t let me be Invisible

A Big Misunderstanding between Manga and Magazine

As Junta Flips the First page of the magazine to take a little peek inside, a sudden presence of Female Store Staff behind him spooked him to the crore. Since he believed in his Invisibility and was secure to take a little glance but the presence of the other party made him doubt his Invisibility until he saw the name written on the batch of Staff member, Kubo Akina

, who is none other than the elder sister of Nagisa Kubo.

Akina immediately tells Shiraishi not to read these kinds of books even if he is curious. Shiraishi immediately told her about the poster of the Monarchy (his favorite manga). and he doesn’t have any intention of seeing anything. After buying the Magazine Shiraishi left the bookstore but mistakenly left his School ID in the bookstore.

Junta's kubo is now in tension
From kubo won’t let me Invisible

Akina saw the school ID and after seeing Shiraishi’s photo she understand that it belongs to that boy and he goes to the same school as her younger sister Kubo, after reaching home she hand over the ID card to Kubo because that boy goes to the same school as her. Kubo was surprised to see Shiraishi’s ID and later she asked her sister, Akina then tells her about Shiraishi whom she caught (reading an adult magazine), and his interest in Big Breast Girls.

Weird Question and Weird Answer

The following day, Nagisa returns the ID to Shiraishi (Crush) and hands it to him. however before returning his ID, Kubo asks Shiraishi if he likes big-breasted girls in a timid manner. As a result, Shiraishi learns who the bookseller Kubo is and realises the confusion surrounding the situation.

kubo won't let me be Invisible episode 3 review
From Kubo won’t let me be Invisible

For which Shiraishi simply told her about the poster of his favourite manga published in that kind of magazine and he was just looking for that, but Kubo changes her heart and runs away from the class after leaving ID on his Desk.

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Christmas Date of Kubo & Shiraishi

In the last period, Kubo asked Shiraishi to fulfill the promise he made in the first episode to go out with her. Shiraishi accepts her request because he doesn’t have any plans nor any friends to talk with, Kubo immediately chooses the date and time of their secret meeting (or date) at 1’o clock on December 25th.

On the meeting day, Shiraishi came to their Meeting spot 20 minutes before the decided time because he didn’t want to be late. he wandered around in the cold as he feels nervous about meeting her on an unusual day. Kubo arrived at the decided time and handed him a gift packet which is a ( yellow shirt with the main character written on it.) Shiraishi was surprised because he doesn’t know anything about this and Kubo didn’t tell him beforehand.

Kubo admits that she didn’t tell about this to him, but she was expecting a gift from Shiraishi on Christmas eve. After thinking for a while Shiraishi went to her nearby mall to buy a gift for Kubo-san and after 15 minutes he came to kubo, who was shivering outside the mall waiting for him.

This is the moment, where all the ice melted away when Shiraishi came back with gloves for Kubo which was the most needed thing at that time. ( A gift from her Crush ).

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a gift to kubo from shiraishi
From Kubo Won’t let me be Invisible


This episode was full of sweet rom-com of school love and Seita has made his debut in this series in very cute way and made the whole 10 minute worth watch.

The misunderstanding between kubo and Shiraishi could have become a trigger point in their relationship and Shiraishi image in Kubo’s mind would alter but i guess the trust they put on their crush is definitely is plus point for them.

Shiraishi really doesn’t give the vibes of big brother as he is so clumsy but he’s really a good brother . let’s see where this story will go from now.

Their are 3 more new episodes to be aired, so let’s watch where it lead both Kubo & Shiraishi.

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  1. Q- Kubo won’t let me be Invisible episode 4 release date ?

    A- Kubo won’t let me be Invisible Episode 4 will Release on Jan 31, 2023.

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