Kubo Won’t Let Me Invisible episode 3 Preview (whole Insider)

In Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible episode 3 preview, we’ll see the sweet day-to-day teasing between junta-san Kubo-chan rom-com, and more interactions between their friends which occasionally bring out their love for each other.

Anime directed by Kazuomi Koga and Manga wrote by Nene Yukimori.

Kubo Won't Let Me Invisible Story Episode 3 preview
Kubo Won’t Let Me Invisible Story Episode 2

Kubo Won’t Let Me Invisible Story Episode 2, Till Now-

Secondary school understudy Junta Shiraishi has a straightforward objective — to carry on with a satisfying youth. Be that as it may, accomplishing this objective seems, by all accounts, to be surprisingly hard, as everybody in his environmental elements frequently neglects to see him because of his absence of presence. Shiraishi’s absence of presence is serious to such an extent that individuals think his seat in class is generally unfilled and erroneously accept that he frequently plays hooky. A strange talk is spreading in class, guaranteeing that the people who effectively spot Shiraishi will be honored with favorable luck for the afternoon.

Up to this point, the main individual who sees his reality is Nagisa Kubo, the young lady situated close to him. Sadly for him, however, Kubo likes to prod him day to day and frequently places him into uncommon and nerve-wracking circumstances. Nonetheless, as Kubo’s lively shenanigans keep on including the hesitant Shiraishi, he may before long find that his childhood probably won’t be essentially as exhausting as he at first suspected.

kubo won't let me be invisible episode 3 preview
Kubo Chan <3 <3

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Episode 3 Preview: Plot and Story

The sweet reason is likewise conveyed in the subsequent episode, regardless of whether there is as of now a slight replication of the best hits. The potential outcomes are boundless, and it will be difficult to foresee what the plot of every episode will be, given the idea of the show. You can wager that there will be communications between the two that will drive Shiraishi to become more friendly, carrying an extremely willing Kubo nearer to Shiraishi.

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Entry of New Characters

In the 2 Episode, we show the new characters in the series who are gonna play very significant roles in both Junta and Kubo and how they help them to create more and more interactions with each other and help them bond better relations.

Name of the New Characters

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Episode 3 preview

We have seen Kubo’s sister who is gonna help both Junta and Kubo to spend more time with each other and she’s also Kubo’s best friend to spend time when she’s not with shiraishi Junta.

AND, Junta’s Mom, and yea there is one more character who will be Junta’s best Guy friend in the future.

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Episode 3 preview: could be

Well, there isn’t much to say still. How do you predict what is going to happen in a slice of life? Why do you want predictions about this anyways? Rather weird of you, to be honest. I guess it’ll be funny? Tug at your heartstrings a bit, just like your standard romantic slice-of-life anime? Maybe?

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Story of the Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Episode 2-

Shiraishi has an athletic meet as he runs laps, while the vast majority actually overlook him. He is terrified to go close to Kubo in the fallout, as he fears smelling close to her. The next experience each other before a bookshop Shiraishi needs to get into however is overlooked by the programmed entryway. The couple strolls into the store together as Shiraishi shares his affection for the manga series with Kubo. She requests to acquire his manga volumes and notification that they live extremely near one another, which transforms into her hanging tight for him to stroll to school together.

The anime started streaming on January 10, 2023 and is expected to go on for three months.

Q- How many episodes does kubo won’t let me be invisible has ?

A- It has 12 episodes.

Q- What’s the name of Nagisa Kubo’s sister name ?

A- Her name is Akina Kubo.

Q- Where I can watch Anime ?

A- Aniplus Tv.

Q- Can i watch Kubo-san anime for free?

A- Yes, you can pretty much all anime on youtube, and one of my favourite channel is Ani-one Asia.

You can watch Kubo san on Bilibili Global

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Official Trailer of Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible.


In the end, we can only expect a good heartwarming anime from the storyline and a better screenplay between characters with good light music in the background. This gives the vibes of komi-san can’t communicate in some way, just flip the genders lol. Let’s just see what will happen next in the story and how they will reach each other’s hearts….. #Let’s ship Junta and Kubo- chan

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