Insomniacs After School Recap & Review

Spring 2023 was the season of romance anime including “Insomniacs After School” a story of two opposite personalities falling for each other as they get to know each other problems and became solace for lives.

insomniacs after school

Insomniacs After School is a romantic anime about two teenagers who suffer from Insomnia due to their childhood problems which keep them awake at night and super sleepy during the day. So, without any further ado let’s jump into our Review.

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Insomniacs after School or Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia is based on the Makoto Ojiro manga of the same name. Anime directed under the direction of Yuuki Ikeda at LIFEN FILMS STUDIO.

Anime aired from April 11, 2023, to July 4, 2024, on Muse Asia, bilibili in Asia whereas HIDIVE & HULU took it to other major audiences outside of Asia.

Insomniacs After School Review

Ghanta Nakami is an honored introvert with only one friend because he’s a little Grumpy and unfriendly due to insomnia and always thinks that he’s the only one who has problems, whereas Isaki Magari who’s cheerful and friendly, has a Social friend group has the same problem but she doesn’t let her insomnia effect her life.

As they both don’t want others to find out know about the problems they decide to use the astronomy club as their secret base to sleep as well as participate as club members which further grows as a friendship and then a realistic and empathic relationship to lovers.

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Animation is on the point of the photography shots and has a fantastic night view art quality in some scenes where they point to one particular texture such as stars. Animation is to the point throughout the anime except for some scenes which could have been done better.

The great soundtrack filled the hearts of weebs with the great composition of animation and Sound Direction of Satoshi Motoyama. Especially the Opening theme song gave a calm and peaceful sound to anime along with the animation.

Insomniacs After School has OSTs & MVs throughout the series according to the animation which gives life to the feelings of the characters throughout the anime. The sound effects and music gives depth to the scenes and increases the experience of the audience.

ghanta and isaki under stars

We get to see the Character development of the main leads Ghanta and Isaki, as they both became closer to each other, ghanta an introverted person started to open up with others as he starts astronomy club activities because of Isaki as she became his light.

And we see, his camera always finds Isaki even after a full day of exhaustion. Whereas, Isaki started to open her heart to ghanta and tell him her secret which was her reason for insomnia. And Both, Ghanta and Isaki work hard to keep the astronomy club alive.

Characters grow throughout the series including Ghanta and Isaki and their club mentor Yui Shiromaru as a backer to them. The club advisor or cool usako sensei became a major connector between Our main characters and their parents who provide back support throughout the series along with their friends which plays a significant role in various threads and helps ghanta to open up interaction with them because of astronomy Club and Isaki.

The main theme of Insomniacs After School is insecurities and fear of life and unpleasant memories of the past. A series of new experiences, adventures, self-healing, and faith in one another to face their near demon and accept each other as they are.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the genre of Insomniacs After after School?

The anime falls under the genre of Slice-of-life and romantic comedy

Q: Where can I watch Insomniacs After School?

Insomniacs After School is available for streaming on Muse asia, bilibili and Hulu.

Q: Insomniacs After School anime end in manga?

Insomniacs After School anime ends on around the 55-56 chapter in manga. So , you can start manga from 55 without any gap in story.

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