Insomniacs After School Episode 1 Recap & Review: A Grumpy Boy and Frail Girl

A Grumpy Boy with Sweet Cheering Girl, and their Story of finding solace in each other. Makoto Ojiro Manga Insomniacs after School Episode 1 Or Kimi Wa Houkago Insomniacs has finally been Released.

LIDEN FILMS did fine Work with both Animation and Characters Design and great Ost to filling the empty Hearts of Weebs. So without any further ado, Jump on the Insomniacs After School Episode 1 Titled “Capella The Charioteer”.

Isaki Magiri in red dress

Ghanta Nakami (Male lead) suffers from Insomnia and usually spends sleepless nights which effects his school life and his personality.

Awake ghanta

Whereas, Isaki Magari (Female lead) Suffers from Same Illness but didn’t let it have any effect oh her personality and cheerfullness.

Isaki’s on her way to Seaside

Insomniacs After School Episode 1 Starts with the Astronomy Club Story where all the previous Memebers commit Suicide one by one which resulted in disband of astronomy Club and becomes school storage room. Here, we see Our Main Ghanta who’s taking a nap but given the task of getting cardboard boxes from Storage room to help with school festival preparations.

insomniacs after school episode 1
Sleeping Beauty Isaki and cool dude Ghanta first meeting in Astronomy Club

Where he saw Isaki Magari who’s sleeping but wakes up when she sees ghanta in her personal secret base. Later both Decides to sleep there as they both suffers from same illnesses and doesn’t want anyone else to know about their secret and form a nightly fun society in which they roam around the town in night and eventually goes to seaside to watch the Sunrise. Later they both exchange phone numbers and emails.

Insomniacs After School Episode 1 Review: Conclusion

Two People Ghanta and Isaki who goes to same School, Same Classroom still unknown with each other become friends or might be something else in future.

Ghanta abd Isaki Astronomy Club forms here.

Episode 1 gave us the strong background stories of both leads and side Characters just in few minutes, where we see Grumpy nerdy jerk boy but misunderstood by others and Cheerful and kind girl who don’t want to bother others with her illness find each other back and decides to sleep in school astronomy Club which days to be a haunted room by students. To get a better sleep in silence.

School’s Nurse

Anime is built medium paced with strong side Characters and story which will play very important role in our main leads life.

Ghanta and Isaki on their expedition of Nightly Fun Society Activity.

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