Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World Episode 8: Arianne vs. Amelia

Iceblade Sorcerer episode 8 tilted ” A boy who became the world’s Strongest Sorcerer inspires the Rose”. Episode 8 starts with the win of Arianna in the Semi final and we get to see a new threat to the Royals and participates on the tournament as Grim Reaper are active within the tournament, and some sweet moments between Rey and Amelia.

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Iceblade Sorcerer shall Rule the World Episode 8 starts with Arianne Win in Semi-final. And the new dark horse (lucas Forst) entered the tournament as wins every match just with a single Strike.

Elsewhere, Ray called by his superiors and he Meets Lex, his Senpai who’s also the member of Hail family, Kingdom Intelligence Agency who works within and outside the kingdom to get the news about any threats. And here we see the Carla, the maid servant of Lydia is one of the top member of that Intelligence Agency.

Iceblade Sorcerer shall Rule the World Episode 8
Iceblade Sorcerer

Lex and Ray work together to capture all the Grim Reapers of the Aywell Empire. On the other hand, Amelia feels inferior to Arianne as she’s not powerful as her and lock herself in her room. Later, Ray help her overcome her weakness and she Goes to fight Arianne in Final round.

In between Ray takes down Grim Reapers, goes to see the final match. The final match is important both for Arianne and Amelia to maintain their house prestige.


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My opinion

If you have read the manga version of this story, you will find it more stable and pace rather than the anime which is just running to Complete the manga, the story in anime is little unsettled and the pace is little fast, like the changes in Amelia and Ray’s relations and how his identity revealed just after 4 episodes and many more..

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So, if you want to enjoy a story with good pace then you should watch Anime. But if you want to see the overall growth of the characters and their development throughout the storyline then you should read manga, which is more suitable for you.

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