I was reincarnated as the 7th prince Anime Adaptation announced with a Teaser

Kenkyo na Circle and Meru original Light Novel finally getting a anime adaptation and released a Teaser PV of I was reincarnated as the 7th Prince so I can take my time perfecting my magical ability in Upcoming Summer 2023. The official website has released a Teaser video along with cast and Staff.

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I was reincarnated as the 7th Prince – Teaser

I was reincarnated as the 7th Prince Anime Characters

The Teaser has Released Illustrations of two main cast.

Makoto Koichi as Lloyd-di-Salume
Fairouz Ai as Grim

Jin Tamarura (A sister is all you need) is directing the anime at Tsumugi Akita Animation Lab.

I was reincarnated as the 7th Prince Novel

Kenkyo na Circle Write the Story as Web novel on Shousetsuka in Naru and published the first chapter in 2019. Later, Kodansha licensed the light novel and began Serializing in July 2020 and released upto 5 Volumes in July 2022 Under Ranobe Bunko Label.

Later light novel also inspire into a manga by Yousuke Kokuzawa in 2020 under Kodansha USA and start publishing in English and released Volume 10 in February, 2023.

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Synopis :

Prince Lloyd wasn’t always a prince…in fact, his previous life is one he remembers perfectly: he was a sorcerer, of sorts. So when he was forced to reincarnate, he decided to continue his studies, prince of the realm or no! But his new life has its own sets of challenges…including being a 10-year-old! What’s the 7th prince/sorcerer to do?! (Source: Kodansha USA)

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