“HiGHSPEED Etoile” Anime Teaser PV Released

A new Anime “HIGHSPEED Etoile” is set to Premiere in 2024. Original Character is done by Takuya Fujima (Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastrale).

HIGHSPEED Etoile Anime Charcaters

Rindo Rin: Fuka Izumi
Asakawa Kanata: Yoko Hikasa
Towa Komachi: Shiori Izawa
Youran Liu: Ayaka Suwa
Alice Summerwood: Nana Mizuki
Sofia Tokitou: Yui Horie
Lorenzo M. Salvatore: Kosuke Toriumi
Richard Parker: Kenichiro Matsuda

HIGHSPEED Etoile Anime Synopsis

HIGHSPEED Etoile Trailer

At least on the surface , the world aimed at consideration for environmental issues and safety and security had achieved its goals.Under such circumstances, the next-generation race “NEX Race” was suddenly announced.Maximum speed over 500km/h. The race scene on the world stage has completely changed with the safety of the latest technology . frenzy and excitement. The eyes of the challenger shake the hearts of those who see them.

HIGHSPEED Etoile Anime- Rin Visual

And here, one girl will have her debut match.Ringo Rin.When the world knows his name, racing will usher in a new era.

Source: Official Website.

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