Chillin’ in my 30’s after getting fired from the demon king’s army Episode 4 Recap & Explanation

In the last Episode of Kaaiko sareta ankoku heishi (30-dai) no slow na second life or in easy language chillin’ in my 30’s after getting fired from the king’s army, we show Dariel saves Knockers and take control of Mythril mines from demon’s commander.

Bashubaza Flop Idea

Episode 4 titled “Dariel Negotiates” Starts with Bashubaza who is planning to make a mega bomb from Mythril stone, and his goal is to become the greatest demon general in his hand but then Zebiantesu‘, a another Demon General” give him the news of human takeover on Mythril mines by defeating demon soldier.

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From chillin' in my 30's after getting fired from the demon king's army

From chillin’ in my 30’s after getting fired from the demon king’s army

Later, the Demon king Summons Bashubaza because of his poor strategies and gives him some good advice over the guidance, on how not to waste minerals and should not fire good employees from the demon king’s army. Demon king lashes at him by calling him an idiot and mentioning Dariel’s name in conversation again and again, which angers him madly.

Malika who is a little nervous wants to tell something very important to dariel but gashita gets into an argument with another high-ranking adventurer.

Hero of the Lux Village

After killing a giant snake and undertaking Mythril mines Lux Villages beames very populous again as more and more people came back to the village for business, on the other hand, the adventurer from surrounding villages also came to hunt in the nearby forest, where they start taunting Gashita ( one of the adventurers of lux village because of his low rank) but Dariel came to the site and told everyone Fitbitan secret of running away after seeing giant snake monster and person is “Fitbitan” a high-level Adventurer.

From chillin' in my 30's after getting fired from the demon king's army
From chillin’ in my 30’s after getting fired from the demon king’s army

Where gashita tells everyone that Dariel killed that Giant snake and also takeover the Mythril mines from demons. Later at night hearing Fitbitan comments on Dariel, Malika take outs her blade to kill him but Dariel stops him for which Malika tells ” how can he tell something like this to my husband” after which he shyly runs away from there and Gashita tells everyone that he will marry Daniel.

Negotiation with Knockers

A representative from the Main guild came to lux village to negotiate with Knockers, demon miners who mine Mythril but due to their fear of humans they aren’t able to do so.

From chillin' in my 30's after getting fired from the demon king's army
From chillin’ in my 30’s after getting fired from the demon king’s army

Then they invited Dariel because he has very good relations with knockers as he was a very good boss of theirs when he was in the demon army. Later because of Dariel’s interference knockers agrees to work him humans.

Reunion with old friend

Rizet one of the demon king’s followers and dariel friend came to Mythril mine to talk with humans on mines, where Dariel came to him and they both talk about his past days. later, Rizet invites him back into the army but this time dariel infuses him after telling him that he’s human and he’s happy now with his life. but his friend tried to forcefully take him back to the demon king’s army with the help of magic this time Driel defeats him with his magic and invites him to come to the village to talk about mythril mines with Bestfrnd, the Guild Representative.

Negotiation Between Humans and Demons

Dariel introduces Rizet and Mister Bestfrnd to sell Mythril to a demon in returns with four times of market price. and also explains his plan to monopolize the Mythril mines, by this they can set the price of their choice.

But Feitbitan who was already jealous of Dariel and attacked Rizet, Dariel saves him and tells Bestfrnd that a mine isn’t worth spilling blood on. for which Bestfrnd agrees with Dariel and Rizet and gives his permission to sell Mythril to demons at their choice of price.

Later Rizet Goes back to the army and also promises to keep secret the identity and place of Dariel.

What’s chillin’ in my 30′ after getting fired from the demon king’s army is all about/ plot?

A person named Dariel can’t use magic despite being in the demon king’s army. one of the four’s generals or his adoptive brother fired him because of his incapability, later he rescues a village girl who invites him to her village where he gets to know his true power.

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My Opinion

This Episode shows the relationship that dariel wants to see between demons and humans, and Malika’s love for the dariel and how insatiable she is to have Dariel child lol…. ( Just kidding)

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