Berserk of Gluttony Episode 2 Recap & Review

Berserk of Gluttony Episode 2 Review

Episode 2 starts with the story of Goddess Laplace, who gifted people with skills but over time humans started to configure themselves based on their skills. The story begins on the same note as the kidnapped little girl and fate’s decision to save her.

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fate saves sahara from bandit

Fate saves the little girl “Sahara” from the bandit and hides her behind boxes and goes to fight the bandit alone, Greed reminds him not to fight head-on as the bandit is much more powerful than him with some good skills. To get the overhand on the fight, fate drops some boxes on the way and attacks him from the side slashing through his swords, injuring his shoulder, he gets to know Hado Velrick’s name from him after interrogating the bandit.

fate advice to sahara

Fate decides to take Sahara to the market to eat meat, Sahara cries with happiness as she ate meat for the first time in her life, and Fate safely drops her at Church. Fate tells her to live with a smile no matter how hard things get, just as his father told him.

Fate notices a new skill Sharp Edge he got from Bandit and Greed tells him he could have died in that fight if he had faced that bandit head-on. Greed reminds him about his First day on the job in Hart’s family and tells him to buy some good clothes for tomorrow.

In a restaurant, two guys talk about the death of the Harts family’s head Lord Mason in Galia while fighting a dragon, Now it will be difficult to keep the unruly tryanny holy knights under control. Next day, Fate lands in front of hart’s mansion and amazed to see Lady Roxy in casual clothes.

roxy talks to her decease father

Roxy takes him to her father’s Grave and tells him about her father’s diminish 4 days ago and now she has become Hart’s family head. She tells him to make the family all lively again and stretches her hand to shake hands but Fate avoids her as he doesn’t want to read her thoughts again by pointing towards Haru ( Head maid).

Fate becomes good friends with all the other members of Hart’s family in a week and he works delightfully. However, they wonder why he’s so hungry even after lunch. later, haru calls him to meet Lady Roxy as she wants to meet him. Roxy gives him the nickname “Fay” and he recalls, his late father also calls him the same name.

fate red eyes

Suddenly, Fate’s vision goes blank and he faints in between his talks with Roxy and wakes up in his room. He finds a letter from Roxy to take a day off, After questioning Greed, we get to know about his skill and now it will need more souls to feed on and tells him to look at his red eyes and that he has to feed something to gluttony soon otherwise it will take control over his body.

Later at night, Fate heads out to the forest to max out his gluttony and kills several goblins and hobgoblins, and finds a king goblin on his way. Greed tells him about King Goblin’s skill “heal wounds”, suggests him to kill silently to clear any danger. Fate cuts off king goblin hand as he sneaks attack from behind, king goblins tries to attack Fate with his right hand but Fate precisely kills King goblins and gets a new “heal wounds” skill set.

fate leaves goblin ears at church gates

Later Greed tells him to give all his stats to unlock his new level and Greed turns into a magnetic bow that doesn’t need arrows and goes straight to the target no matter where you shoot. Coming back from the forest, Fate cut out all the goblin’s ears and left them at the church’s gate before leaving.

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Episode 2 focuses on Fate and Roxy’s development bit by bit, along with Fate’s development and his skills which could be darker than we thought. His skills tend to be dark as he expands his stats which might go opposing from his character. The Anime pacing is good and we might get to see Hado and Fate’s fighting in upcoming episodes. Overall. it’s a not new concept of skills in Japanese Anime but the side effects of skills are. so, stay tuned to watch episode 3.

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