Ayaka Anime replaces one Voice Actor

A brand new anime is set to Premiere in 2023 but with some changes in its cast at last moment. The Ayaka Anime replace one of their Voice Actor “Takahiro Sakurai” due to his extra marital affairs news leak last year.The Takahiro Sakurai was set to voiced the Kurama haruaki(Character).

Ayaka Anime
Kurama Haruaki

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Ayaka Anime Cast

Umehara Yuuichirou asIbuki Aka
Terashima Takuma asSagawa Jingi
Uemura Yuuto asYanagi Yukito

GoRA and king Records set to launch Anime in 2023 with Studio Blanc. Series is directed by Nagayama Nobuyoshi and GoRA as Series Composition, redjuice and Shibue Kana has given Original Character Design as Music Respectively. Tanaka Ryou worked as Sound Director and Music given by Bit Grooove Promotion.

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